Advertising on the site

Advertising Promo Choice: an affordable way to improve site attendance, brand awareness and sales

Three ways to improve the commercial factors of own business:



Marquee on Main

Text ads

Formats: jpeg, png, gif, flash, script

Max. Number of characters:

Up to 250

Posting in the blog and in the partners section

Price from – 10 €

Price from – 10 € for 7 days

Price from – 20 €

Possible target


Duration: eternal links

You decide - how much will your advertising cost.

Additional services

Writing advertisements, articles and texts for posting on our website.

Designer help: banners design, gif, flash, script, icons, illustrations.

Professional translation of texts into English, Russian, Serbian.


Inexpensive way to reach your audience. Benefits:

  • Targeting your audience: flexible configuration possibilities of advertising - do not waste money on non-target users.
  • The ability to choose the right page for posting. For example, a banner about the staff courses future employment on a cruise ship may interest visitors who are searching for work. It should be posted on vacancy and homepages.
  • Relatively low price and time spent on the client's involvement in the Internet. When ordering a banner for a month and more - a discount and partner conditions is considered.

Cost of banner placement on Promo Choice


Home page – from 50 €

Catalog of profiles and profile page - from 10 €

List of vacancies and vacancies page - from 10 €

List of news and page news - from 10 €

List of partners and partner page - from 10 €


Create a banner network on the site: catch motivated users using targeting options:

  1. Selecting display date "with" - "on".
  2. Setting the time display "with" - "on".
  3. Available priority system for advertising.
  4. The possibility of limited display by unique visitors.
  5. Set the amount of banner display per visitor on each page.
  6. Select country and adware regions.

Creeping line on Homepage

It won’t be unnoticed. Firstly, external factor matters - creates dynamic movement that attracts attention. Secondly, increases the interest of the text on one of the key site locations.

The possibilities of creeping line:

  • Maximum number of characters - 45
  • Possible line breaks of advertisements exceeding the maximum limit on the number of characters.
  • Available links placement, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information.
  • There are no restrictions on language.


Creeping line cost – from 10 € per week


Registration of the company on the PARTNERS page

The partner company can add its "business card" to the affiliate page with the opened contact data. For users of the Promo Choiсe site, this means that the company is verified and can be trusted, and it will also be useful to those who are in search of work, profession, new life.

Registration cost

30 euro per month
80 euros when placed for three months

Advertising and partner articles

Once should invest money in the placement of text material to set up an additional traffic channel, get quality backlinks, increase brand awareness.

The texts are available for placement in two categories:

Placement category is determined depending on the format. Site Promotion, as well as promotional materials are placed in the "Articles and action." Service provided with the materials and white theme projects. Carefully think over the subject and content - the more boring the advertising material, the more seldom it is visited.

Company-partner can add your "business card" to the Partner’s page. For Promo Choice users it means that the company is tested and can be trusted, and it will be useful to those who are searching the work, profession and new life.

Possible free partnership arrangement, when negotiating.

The cost of posting articles on the site:

  • Eternal one link – 10 €
  • Partner’s article - 20 €

How to create the text before posting

Submit materials in the following format:

  • The recommended amount of text - 3000 characters.
  • A list of links that you want to paste the text.
  • Cover for the material: the size of 300 x 200.
  • Illustrations and photographs.

The placement of articles on Promo Choice is possible in any language. In addition, translation is available in Russian, English and Serbian.

How to order the advertising

Buy a place for the banner, rent creeping line or post your article with links in the following ways:

  1. Send a letter with a request to our e-mail Specify service You want to order and the manager will make a request, respond to questions, moderate throughout the cooperation.
  2. Use the online-request form below on the homepage. In the upper right corner there is a button "Ask a question" – make order and the manager will contact you soon.
  3. Call us 380 506 458 801. We are in touch every day from 9.00 to 18.00.
  4. Write in telegram 380 506 458 801.

For more about site attendances, socio-demographic data about the target audience, extended information about each of the types of advertising, see the media kit link.

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