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Find a job in Serbia

Is there work in Serbia for labor migrants

Unemployment in the country reaches 12-15% - one of the highest rates in Europe. Serbia in search of solutions to economic problems, political unrest, uncontrolled corruption, lack of foreign investment, low living standards of the local population - all this makes the state unattractive for labor applicants.
The minimum wage in the capital Belgrade ranges from 250 to 350 euros. Not so bad, you think? For Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, such figures are equal to the average earnings per month by region. Do not rush to draw conclusions - the cost of living in Belgrade at 800 euros per month. So all the money earned will go to housing, food and primary needs.
We do not dissuade you from working in Serbia, but we warn you about relatively low wages, high competition for vacancies, and sometimes hard working conditions. For highly qualified specialists, the chances of obtaining a promising position are high, given the knowledge of the state and English languages. In the rest for employment it is necessary to be overcome. But with due perseverance and desire to find a vacancy is quite realistic.

How to find work in Serbia for Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians

The interest of Russians and residents of the CIS countries to Serbia is explained simply: a similar mentality, friendly people, a comfortable climate, relative affinity, similarity of languages, which is important for those who took risks and went to a foreign country to work with the prospect of moving.

You can search for work for Belarusians and other migrants in several ways:

  • through our website: posting a resume and systematically viewing available vacancies;
  • applying to the National Employment Service;
  • looking through the local press and the vacancies proposed therein;
  • through relatives and friends who live and work in Serbia.

The ideal option is when the employer himself found you (which can happen on our website) and offered a variant of earnings. Then the labor contract and comfortable working conditions are provided. In other cases, it is necessary to break through.

In demand professions

Knowledge of the Serbian language, the availability of a document on higher education of the European standard, as well as certificates and diplomas of participation in various trainings, competitions increase the chances of getting a good job abroad.

The demand for specialists in such fields of activity is traced:

  • programming (IT);
  • engineering;
  • Production;
  • service (cook, hairdresser, cleaner, waiter, etc.).

In the rest - good luck in your search and employment!