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Job search in Montenegro

Work in Montenegro for foreigners

Situated in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, a small state - Montenegro offers promising opportunities for foreigners to work. High employment indicators are formed by tourism and entertainment: hotels, restaurants, SPA centers, beauty salons, local textile and grocery stores.
Montenegro attracts a comfortable climate, the opportunity to combine rest and work, to get acquainted with the rich culture, history, architecture of the country. Local people favorably treat migrant workers from the CIS countries, creating psychological comfort for Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, citizens of other states who are here for employment.

What documents are needed to work in Montenegro

Since the Balkan country is not yet a member of the European Union, "working hands" from the CIS, wishing to find suitable vacancies here, are in the same position with applicants from Europe. To officially work in Montenegro, a foreign applicant must have a work permit document, a labor contract and a certificate of residence confirmation in the country of temporary residence.
Foreigners arriving in Montenegro for work activities can be issued one of three types of permits:

The document is issued to foreigners who have the official status of a permanent resident of the country. The document is issued indefinitely, but sometimes for a period of one year.
2. Standard
The document is issued to an alien who arrived in Montenegro for temporary work for one season - up to six months. The length of stay is indicated in the contract.
3. Work permit
It is issued for one year, can be extended for the next two years.
It is noteworthy that some foreign citizens (journalists, athletes, researchers) are not required to obtain a work permit.

Popular jobs and salary level

The average salary is 300-600 Euro. Popular industries for employment are construction and tourism. Balkan resorts from April to October require maids, cleaners, waiters, gardeners. High rates of construction open vacancies for managers of construction projects, painters, installers, other qualified construction personnel.
The greatest chance to find a suitable vacancy is given by a direct search through an intermediary company. Its employees are familiar with the nuances of the employment market of the Balkan country, carry out regular monitoring of current vacancies, can offer the applicant a well-paid seasonal or permanent job.