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Work in Lithuania for Ukrainians, latest jobs

Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004 and over the 15 years of EU membership has shown positive dynamics in economic development. Having overcome the difficulties of the crisis, the tourism sector, industry, and the agricultural sector are actively developing in Lithuania. In the job market from Lithuanian employers, a significant part of the options for Ukrainians is found.
In order to get official employment in Lithuania, you need to apply for a category D work visa. You need to do this in Ukraine. Offers are not limited solely to seasonal employment. In the Lithuanian labor market you can find job ads in various industries:

  • Information Technology;
  • taxi drivers, freight transport, special equipment, truckers;
  • construction and finishing work;
  • staff: waiters, bartenders;
  • women are offered to work as housekeepers, carers.

Being a reliable intermediary in the field of job search for Ukrainian citizens, the Promo Choice agency regularly places offers from Baltic companies. Positive customer reviews and a wide selection of vacancies are objective guarantees that you will quickly find the best employment option from employers from the Baltic countries.