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Contract work in Italy

Work in Italy for foreigners

The Apennine peninsula, where sunny, hospitable Italy is located, is symbolically similar to a giant boot, embodying the well-developed shoe industry of a European country. However, not only this sphere attracts for permanent or temporary employment of CIS citizens, starting from students for internship in large Italian companies and ending with pensioners and families (couple: man and woman) who come here to work as unskilled labor.
According to the level of economic prosperity in the EU, the country ranks fourth. In the north, industry prevails, in the south - the agrarian sphere develops. In addition to stable earnings, those who managed to get a job in Italy, note the stunning nature of the Mediterranean region, rich culture, ancient architecture, colorful local traditions, exquisite cuisine.

Do I need a work visa?

To officially get a job in Italy, Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, other citizens of the CIS countries, you need to contact the Italian Consulate in your country. The set of provided documentation may differ, based on the chosen field of employment, but the basic package is the following package of documents:

  • a completed application form for obtaining a visa, two color photos 3x4 or 3.5x4.5 cm;
  • a direct contract and a work permit document (issued by the employer) with a validity period of at least six months;
  • regular and foreign passport with scan copy;
  • confirmation-certificate of payment of the consular fee.

Documents must be submitted 30 calendar days before the proposed trip. The review period is at least 1 month. Documents must be translated into English and Italian.

Popular jobs

Employment in Italy is available to holders of high qualifications with knowledge of the language of government and service personnel, where there are no strict requirements for experience, the level of Italian language proficiency. The difference in the wages of men and women averages 10-15%.
Unqualified Ukrainians, Russians, Armenians, Moldovans and other citizens of the CIS countries are offered vacancies for housekeepers, governesses, harvesters for the season, cleaners, carers, waiters. The average salary figure depends on the region, averaging 700-1 000 Euros. Among the qualified professions, IT personnel, builders, doctors, specialists in the field of metallurgy are in demand. The average payment is 1,500 - 2,000 Euros, you can find a job and with a higher payment.
Job search can be carried out on the websites of employment centers, contact the company, which selects vacancies in Italy, look for a place through relatives living in Italian cities or regularly look for vacancies of popular local publications.