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Find a job in Greece for Russian speakers

Greece had a difficult economic situation in the past decade. Credits, debts, pressure from other countries exacerbated the country's situation on the world stage, the welfare of local citizens worsened. It was difficult to find a job, and visitors were taken for the lowest paid.

For today, the reforms have made it possible to lead the country out of the crisis. There are new vacancies, which can accommodate a Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian - any immigrant who has officially issued permission, who speaks Greek or English.

Finding the right job

Everyone can find a job: in the sphere of service and tourism there are always vacant places with a minimal prospect of growth. In order for a foreigner to settle into a well-paid and authoritative position, certain requirements are imposed on professionalism, experience, and the possession of several languages.

In Greece they speak Greek, English is also common - job seekers who speak one of the languages ​​will find it easier to get a job. In the tourist sphere people with knowledge of various adverbs are in demand: German, French, Italian. Russian-speaking job seeker will find work in the season, when tourists from all over the world visit tourist resorts.

It will be easier for foreigners to find employment in Greece in the following areas:

  • Agriculture;
  • tourism;
  • service sector;
  • building.

Equally important are women and men. In the season, there is a growing need for additional handymen who will sow, care for the crop, collect and store it. When a girl arrives, she can claim the position of an administrator in hotels, as well as catering establishments with knowledge of Greek and English. There is a demand for nurses for old and disabled people.

Employment in Greece: what documents will be required

Summer is the most promising time for finding a job. However, one should not agree to the first sentence that comes up. It is not uncommon for employers to dishonestly treat subordinates who have not been contracted (labor contracts). This is an important condition for those who want to live and work abroad worthily.

For EU residents, there is no difficulty in finding a job in Greece. But Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and citizens of countries that are not members of the EU should open a work visa. For this:

  • a visa application form is filled in;
  • a foreign passport is provided (copies);
  • a labor contact is made and a copy is provided to the embassy;
  • certificates of rent or sale of housing on the territory of Greece are provided, as well as a bank account with sufficient funds for living for the period of the working visa.

Having issued a work visa and having entered into a valid employment contract with the employer, you can count on decent living and working conditions.