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Work in Estonia for Ukrainians

Estonia is one of the rapidly developing Baltic countries with a strong, stable economy. Since 2004, the Baltic state has been part of the European Union, demonstrating an open interest in work resources from other countries. Compared to Poland, salaries in Estonia are 1.5-2 times higher, and an extensive selection of vacancies for Ukrainians allows job seekers of various profiles to find work.
To obtain legal work, Ukrainian citizens must apply for a category D work visa. This can be done both in Ukraine and in Estonia. Also, an official letter of invitation from the employer and registration with the Estonian emigration service are required to receive official work.
Announcements from Estonian employers cover the most popular list of professions:

  • specialists in the field of IT-technologies;
  • qualified employees of construction specialties;
  • farm workers, harvesters;
  • service staff.

The list of vacancies at Promo Choice from Baltic companies is regularly expanding, allowing job seekers to quickly search for offers, search for the most suitable options and consider a successful job prospects.