Плотник в Хорватию Tel: +380506458801
Croatia 1300€/month With accommodation
Плотник в Хорватию обязательно с опытом работы. Официальное трудоустройство. Зарплата 1300 евро в месяц. Работа 10 часов в день, один выходной в неделю. Проживание и обед за счет работодателя. По всем вопросам звоните +380506458801 Резюме присылайте
Автомеханик в Хорватию Tel: +380963340920
Croatia 1200€/month With accommodation
Автомеханик в Хорватию г. Загреб желательно с высшим стандартом от Опель Зарплата если есть высший стандарт 2000 евро в месяц, если не высший 1300 и 800 евро если нет вообще ( есть возможность обучения в процессе работы) Работа 8 часов в день 5-6 дней в неделю (каждая вторая суббота рабочая) Официальное трудоустройство (контракт…
Работницы в грибной питомник (шампиньоны) Tel: 380503319783
Croatia, Осиек 3€/hours With accommodation
В сельскохозяйственную компанию, Хорватия, требуются работницы в грибной питомник. Требования к кандидаткам - девушки и женщины до 55 лет - опыт работы в с/х сфере приветствуется; - аккуратность, опрятность, внимательность; - трудолюбие, ответственность, порядочность; - знание английского языка приветствуется, но не является обязательным; - биометрический з…
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Jobs in Croatia, vacancies

Work in Slovenia for foreigners

The area of ​​the country is slightly larger than the territory of the Moscow region. It is focused on different types of tourism: mountain skiing, rest by the sea, treatment at health resorts, industry (machinery, manufacture of technology, paints, textiles) - there are always jobs for the season. For Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, work in the Republic of Slovenia is an opportunity to improve the life state, relax at local resorts, and even try to migrate to Europe.

The average salary, taking into account the deduction of all taxes, is 900-1100 euros. And it is not difficult to receive such payment for Ukrainians and other Slavs - since 1992 the main condition for employment was the conclusion of a contract. To stay in the country, you will need a residence permit and work activity. In total, for Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians and other migrants to work in Slovenia, they must have such documents: a residence permit, a work permit, an up-to-date employment contract.

Documents should be issued in different instances; it will take up to 35 days. When planning to visit the Republic for the summer tourist season - get the required permits in advance - in the middle of spring start collecting documents, filling with the embassy and departments.

How to find a suitable job

In the Republic, officially 6% of the population is unemployed. That relatively low figure gives hope for a loyal competition among applicants. We should consider that migrants with a higher education and knowledge of the Slovenian language have more chances to get a job. The diploma of higher education is required by the European standard.

Among the demanded vacancies in Slovenia there is a demand for:

  • mechanics;
  • IT specialists;
  • service staff;
  • managers for the reception of tourists.

There are always open positions at large enterprises of the country: Bosche, Gorenje, Renault. If you have the experience, useful for these companies - send a resume to the address indicated on their official websites.

Other ways to search:

  • registration on our website: posting resume, tracking available vacancies;
  • through intermediaries: firms that offer employment services abroad;
  • through acquaintances who officially reside on the territory of the Republic.

In professional social networks, like Linkedin and even Facebook, a well-designed questionnaire (account) can attract headhunters from other countries. If you have something to offer - create and manage profiles, conduct correspondence and even independently look for potential employers.

Leave your resume on the country's specialized websites. In the skills and qualifications column, state the truthful information - the honesty of your skills will be proved in the first few days of your work and if you have embellished something - this is the direct reason for dismissal.

Decide to look for a place with intermediaries or without, only agree to official employment and legal moving. So you protect yourself and your income from fraud.