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- What should I do if I cannot enter my personal account?

If after filling username and password fields you are still unable to log in to your personal account, check the correctness of the entered data, input language, and letter case. Try again then. If the error persists, please click the link "Forgot your password?" You will receive a letter with your current username and new password to the specified e-mail.

- How can I change my username and password?

Open the Personal Information page. Find the field with your current e-mail, click "Change" and enter a new e-mail address. Next, you need to save the changes and re-enter your personal account.

- How to change my profile picture?

To upload an avatar for your profile at PromoChoice online service, first log in to your personal account. Choose Personal Information page and click "Upload an image." Images should be downloaded in JPG format.

- What should I do If I notice some problems with the site operation?

If you face the problem of our web resource operation, please report our technical support team as specified in Contacts. For example, call the telephone number or send an e-mail to

- How can I delete my profile from the site?

To delete your profile from PromoChoice portal, first choose Personal Information page. Click "Delete my profile". After removal of the profile, you will only be able to use the resources available to unregistered users.



- How can I view the contact information of job seekers?

Viewing of the contact information of job seekers is not free and is only possible after the vacancy ad is verified by a moderator. Full access to the contact details is provided after the payment. You can prepay for 3, 5, 7, 14 days of access.

- What is an application for a vacancy?

The employer may receive applications for vacancies from candidates. All the applications are stored in your account in "My Vacancies" section. There, you can view resume applications of job seekers and select the suitable ones. You also receive a notification about new application for a vacancy to your e-mail.

- How can I search for a specialist quickly and efficiently?

To quickly find a suitable candidate, select the category of the specialist, country, age, and additional parameters. After you specify all the necessary criteria, click "Search Profiles".

- Why do Google or Yandex still find the vacancy after it has been deleted from the site?

This is a feature of search engines. Your vacancy ad is kept in their logs for some time. After re-indexing occurs, the deleted vacancy will stop appearing in search results. The problem is usually solved within 1 week.

- How to make a profile more attractive?

Applicants pay more attention to those vacancies, which clearly indicate the job offer. As an employer, you have to get applicants interested in your working conditions.

Choose a correct title for your vacancy. Try to make it as concise as possible. For example, if you are looking for a babysitter, you should not title the vacancy as "child care specialist."

Put more focus on the choice of the section when posting your vacancy. It affects the appropriateness of occurrence of your offer in search results at PromoChoice. In the text of your vacancy ad specify the main nuances: requirements to the candidate, key responsibilities, terms of cooperation and accommodation, and the salary.



- How fast can I find a job at PromoChoice service?

Our site is designed to make your job search easy and efficient. To start, you need to register, create a resume and be sure to indicate the contact details and information about education and work experience. Accurate personal information will increase your chances of getting the desired job. Specify only relevant information, in particular your contacts. It will help the potential employer get in touch with you.

Do not forget to update your profile from time to time. So, it will constantly be in the foreground to employers and will occupy a more prominent position among other competitors’ profiles. You will receive responses to your e-mail. Also, you can find the desired vacancy yourself and send your application. After receiving a notice, the employer will contact you.

- What are the guarantees that the employer will definitely read my resume?

At the employer’s personal page, there is a section with the received applications. All resumes sent to this position surely get to this section. The employer can view them at any time. In addition, resume applications are sent to the employer's e-mail, which guarantees a 100% viewing.

- What are “hot vacancies”?

Hot vacancies mean an urgent search for an employee. HOT status assignment is fee-based for all employers. Accordingly, hot vacancies are marked with a special icon and placed in a separate block on the site.

- What do VIP profile and TOP profile mean?

VIP profiles and TOP profiles, as well as HOT vacancies, are placed in separate blocks on the home page of the portal. By purchasing a VIP or TOP status, profiles are becoming more visible to employers. They allow job seekers to find job more quickly.

- How can I delete profile from the site or deactivate it?

To delete your profile, you have to log in to your personal account and select "My resume." On this page, you will be able to stop viewing of the current profile or delete it. Please, delete your profile as soon as you find a desirable job. This way, you do not mislead the employers.

Do you have problems with finding an answer to your question? Do not hesitate to write us! We will answer you within a day!

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