Website Terms of Use

Agreement on website terms of use

  1. General Provisions

 1.1.  This Internet resource is the official website of PromoChoice company. Terms of use of the online service have been developed in accordance with the applicable legislation. All the data published on this site are intended for informational purposes only.

1.2.  By visiting the site and signing up, the user gives his/her formal consent to comply with the website terms and conditions of use provided by this document. If the user refuses to accept the following terms and conditions, he/she shall be prohibited to use the site.

More details "Blacklist"


  1. Processing and storage of customers’ personal data

 2.1.  The user provides all the personal information on a voluntary basis. Information is stored in a secure database and is totally inaccessible to third parties.

2.2.  If you delete a personal profile, all the data will be removed from the database too. The user can delete his/her account either independently or by sending a request by e-mail:

More details "Privacy Policy"


  1. Site Services

 3.1.  Services provided by the site are informational only. Contact the employer regarding employment and personnel selection issues.

3.2.  Fee-based services:

-        publication of promotional materials and direct links to the resources of individuals and entities;

-        other services related to public relations and advertising for goods and services online.

3.3.  The site does not conduct selection, sorting, and filtering of applications for vacancies.

3.4.  The site does not act as an agent. It provides the communication of job seekers and employers. After a job seeker sends an application to an employer, further communication is conducted in an applicant-employer format only.


  1. Use of the site content

4.1.  All materials and creative work, including text, design elements, company logos, advertising slogans and other data, are the property of the service provider (site administration) and shall be used only in the following cases.

4.2.  Publication of materials from this site is permitted only with the written consent of the service provider.

4.3.  Quoting the text of the site is possible under the condition of use of no more than 30% of the total amount of text with the obligatory reference to the source.


  1. Liability and cases of its limitations

 5.1.  Website administration is not responsible for the correctness of the information provided by job seekers and employers.

5.2.  Website administration is not responsible for actions taken by employers and job seekers as a result of using the website services.

5.3.  The information content of the site cannot be regarded as official documents because it is intended for informational purposes only.

5.4.  Website administration is not responsible for the content of web resources, whose links are provided on the site.

5.5.  The company does not provide the absolute guarantee of delivery of applications for vacancies to the user. Delivery may be interrupted due to technical problems, an improperly specified e-mail address and many other reasons.

5.6.  Using the website services does not guarantee the user getting a job or hiring an employee.

5.7.  Responsibility for the execution of the employment relationship with the employer rests on the applicant only.


  1. Application and saving of cookie files

 6.1.  Before the user starts using the site, he/she gives a formal consent to the application and storage of a cookie on his/her PC.


  1. Feedback

7.1.  In the case of changes in the operation of the site or conducting technical work to improve the quality of the service, the administration of the site informs users about this via an e-mail newsletter.


  1. Additional information

 8.1.  Disputes between job seekers and employers related to the site operation are settled by means of negotiations only. If dispute resolution in such a format is not possible, further action shall take place in accordance with applicable legislation.

8.2.  Administration reserves the right to block user’s access to the site in case of confirmation of misuse of the web resource.

 Website Terms of Use may be changed at any time without prior notification of users. The website user shall be responsible for the timely study of innovations that have taken effect.

Last modified date: 12.05.2017


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