Services for employment agencies

Services for employment agencies

 PromoChoice offers the possibility of cooperation with employment agencies.

The agency is able to publish advertisements or vacancies as

  • PAYMENT  SUBSCRIBER. (At the moment this service is free of charge)
  • You are not receiving complaints from users.

PromoChoice provides services to partners on a fee-based basis and free of charge. Particularly, at the moment, payment is not charged to agencies for such opportunities:

  • publication of one vacancy on the site;
  • search for candidates;
  • Promote a "black list" of applicants and employers of the PromoChoice website by sending a request to the site administrator via e-mail.

Paid services for agencies are as follows:

  • placement of ads with hot vacancies;
  • the opportunity to use VIP services, their contacts are going to be in free access to all users of the site.
  • placement of advertising banners on the PromoChoice website;
  • publication of articles and news on behalf of the agency or company;

 How do partners start using the site?

There are a number of rules and regulations that all agencies and other PromoChoice partner companies should strictly follow. To fully use the site's capabilities, agencies need:

       1. Register on the site, specifying the detailed and relevant information in the profile.

       2. Upload your logo, which will be displayed in each vacancy from your agency.

       3. Send your details for moderation. And after checking your questionnaire within 1-2 days the administration of the site will publish           your vacancies.

      4. If you are registered as a PARTNER you need to provide company registration documents to the email of the technical support service PromoChoice. It is necessary to give the agency the "Verified" status.

 In case of violation of these terms, the moderators of the PromoChoice website may include you into the Blacklist.

      The website administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published by the agencies - users of the site.

For more detailed information on the terms of cooperation on an individual basis and the rights of the partner of the company, write to the email address:

promo choice