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View profiles on the site without contact information
Place a job and get feedback from relevant candidates.
Free publishing of one vacancy
Free service for placing one vacancy.
Get feedback on your vacancy
Place a job and get feedback from relevant candidates.
Paid services
Add vacancy
If you urgently need a specialist, there is an additional opportunity to add another vacancy.
  • Additional vacancy 10 €
Make a vacancy HOT
Allows to increase efficiency of already placed vacancies, having allocated them among the others during the certain period.
  • 15 days FREE
Highlight vacancy as a VIP
An ideal way to single out your vacancy among all. The ability to display your contact information, uploading a video to our service YouTube channel and assign a VIP badge to the questionnaire combines image advertising and high work search efficiency.
  • 14 days FREE
promo choice

Post a job for free

In large companies, a whole department is engaged in recruitment - HR (Human Resource). For them, finding the right specialist is an art form. As for us.

When developing the service, we were guided by the desire to help employers from the Balkan region, Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS countries to find a performer for any position within the framework of the law and morality. To do this, we have created an intuitive service: easy to use, functional, fast, optimizing recruitment - Promo Choice.

How to search for employees for free

Catalog of resume from candidates.

Important information about applicants is collected and structured in the "Questionnaires" section. Using thematic filters, you can view only those resumes that meet your requirements. For example, by age, country of residence, specialty.

What it gives you: access to a free base of potential employees. In one place collected questionnaires of specialists awaiting job prospects. Choose the most suitable candidate and invite for a remote interview or an interview in the office.

The publication of the announcement of the search employee.

Placed in the directory "Jobs". Describe the person for this position, his skills, responsibilities, education. So finding the right candidate will be even easier.

What it gives you: users on our site can respond to the vacancy. By publishing an advertisement for an employee, you may be interested in an unregistered user or a visitor without a completed profile (resume), which is great for the position. So you increase the chances of getting the best candidate for your application.

Administrator assistance; complaints and disputes.
We are in touch with you! If there are controversial situations, you want to complain to the dishonest applicant - we will definitely take measures after the inspection. As well as difficulties in working with the project, you can ask your wishes and questions on the contacts indicated on the site.

What it gives you: the confidence that the fraudster, an unscrupulous employee will not fall. The resumes on our site are published by real people who have passed the standard identification. We are not responsible for the content of the forms, as well as the actions of users. However, we strive to make everyone at Promo Choice feel comfortable looking for employees and work.

All three functions for you are free and become available after registration.

Additional paid services

If you do not have enough basic functionality and you need to urgently find an employee for several vacancies - expand the capabilities of your account at a reasonable price.

Posting another job = FREE
Initially it is possible to post only one ad. The second need to pay extra. But now the action is valid: the publication of the second vacancy is completely free!

What it gives you: the search for several employees at the same time. Ability to cover two professional areas instead of one. For example: nanny and governess; chef and cook, etc.

HOT vacancy.
Highlight your ad with additional graphic accompaniment, color, and also the “HOT” icon. Vacancy will be some time (depending on the selected tariff) at the top of the vacancy catalog.

What it gives you: applicants trust such publications more, because they invested money, no one will invest in fake or duck, right? In addition, no matter how many vacancies are published in the catalog - yours will be on the first pages. So, a potential employee will notice it first.

Price of HOT-vacancies:

3 days - 3 €
7 days - 5 €
Highlight your account color, icon, get access to contact information in the questionnaires.

What it gives you: time optimization for employee selection and communication with him.

Use all the features of the service to find the perfect artist for your family or company.

Good luck,

Promo Choice - your personal HR-manager.