Employment services abroad ORDER

We can offer you such cooperational options:

Individual selection of vacancies according to your wishes: for those who already know where, whom they want to work. We take on the task of selecting a vacancy in a specified country and receiving confirmation from a potential employer.
Dates: 2-6 weeks

Selection of vacancies from partners. We already have a database of verified employers whose vacancies we can offer you. This is a quick and reliable way to go to work abroad.
Dates: 1-3 weeks

Selection of vacancies for students.

Vacancies of our agency:

  • Poland: in furniture manufacturing, construction projects, warehouses, factories and greenhouses for handymen; profile vacancies for turners, engineers, welders, plumbers.
  • Czech Republic: vacancies for non-core workers across the country: work in the field of construction, hotel and restaurant business.
  • Slovakia: technical specialties, home and maintenance personnel, doctors, engineers, builders.
  • Estonia: station wagon builders, attendants.

Visa Services

Assistance in obtaining a visa to Europe, Asia
Help getting a work visa to Poland / Czech Republic

  • Polish national 180/360 120 euros
  • Polish from Voivode for a vacancy of 350 euros
  • Czech work visa (3 months) 350 euros

Assistance in obtaining a guest visa in the USA
Additional services for applicants
Distribution of your CVs to trusted agencies and employers
Help writing resumes in English
Preparing for an interview in English
Help with booking tickets and hotels

Special services in Montenegro:

Advising and supporting the creation of a law firm in Montenegro
Assistance in the selection of real estate in Montenegro

Other services:

Registration of insurance (PZU, TAC, UPSK, BOOK)

  • for visas from 700 UAH
  • tourist from 300 UAH
  • workers from 700 UAH

 Contact phone:

  • +380 96 33 40 920
  • +380 66 38 25 540


How we are working


In telephone mode or in person at our agency’s office, we’ll talk about what kind of work you want, in which country and on what conditions. You can ask all your questions of interest and concern regarding the selection of vacancies, employment and travel abroad.

Job selection

It will take us 5-14 days to find a vacancy for you that meets your expectations. Check it for authenticity, contact the employer and request additional information.

You will receive full informational support during the employment process: from selecting a vacancy to signing an employment contract with an employer. We demand about employers and provide only accurate information about the vacancy: how much you can really earn; how many hours per week will you work; what will be included in your job responsibilities; where you will live, and whether housing will be paid.

After the vacancy is approved, we conclude a prepayment agreement.

Visa application

At this stage, we will prepare all the necessary documents for you to obtain a work visa:

  • PAYMENT (personally by the candidate)
  • SUBMISSION OF DOCUMENTS TO THE VISA CENTER (personally by the candidate)
  • GETTING A VISA (personally by the candidate) 

Go to work!

You have received a visa and are ready to start work. We will arrange for you a transfer to your destination country on your own or with our help. You will have contacts with a curator, whom you can contact in difficult situations: we will stay in touch and will show you a solution to adaptation difficulties; We will advise how to do the right thing in any situation.

Contact phone:

  • +380 96 33 40 920
  • +380 66 38 25 540


Promo Choice was created by people who once found themselves in the same situation - they were looking for work in Europe. It took a lot of time, effort and even money, because the help of recruitment agencies is not cheap.

Since we were at the applicants ’place, we know exactly what the employment service should look like:

It must remain accessible so as not to limit the capabilities of users. But at the same time, to limit key functions, to weed out fake profiles, scammers.

It should contain templates for filling in personal and public data. So that the applicant does not forget to provide important information when filling out the questionnaire.

The administration is constantly obligated to work on this.

It is important that it is useful and functional, even if you do not visit it. We registered, filled out a questionnaire, published a questionnaire and received systematic emails about fresh vacancies.

We implemented all these elements and much more at Promo Choice.

promo choice