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It is possible to quickly and easily find a dream job and change one's life for the better.
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Place a profile
Many employers prefer to look for employees on the basis of questionnaires, rather than publish vacancies. By creating a questionnaire on our website, your chances of finding a good job will increase significantly.
Receive notifications about new job openings and news
Each candidate can subscribe to the dispatch of the current vacancies of his post in order always to be aware of and not to miss the work.
Leave a response to vacancies
Find and respond to a suitable vacancy on our website.
Paid services
Highlight the profile as a VIP
An ideal way to single out your questionnaire among all. The ability to display your contact information, uploading a video to our service YouTube channel and assign a VIP badge to the questionnaire combines image advertising and high work search efficiency.
  • 7 days 3 €
  • 14 days 5 €
  • 30 days 10 €
Raise the profile in TOP
It allows to increase the effectiveness of the questionnaire already posted, raising it at the top of the list among the rest during 14 days.
  • 7 days 3 €
promo choice

Submit resume for job search

Promo Choice was created by people who once found themselves in the same situation - they were looking for work in the Balkan region. It took a lot of time, effort and even money, because the help of recruitment agencies is not cheap.

Since we were at the place of applicants, we know exactly how the employment service should look like:

  1. It should remain accessible so as not to limit the possibilities of users. But at the same time, to restrict key functions in order to weed out fake profiles, scammers.
  2. It should contain templates for filling in personal and public data. So that the applicant does not forget to provide important information when filling out the questionnaire.
  3. The administration is constantly obliged to work on it.
  4. It is important that it is useful and functional, even if you do not visit it. We registered, filled out a profile, published a questionnaire and receive systematic emails about fresh vacancies.

All these items, and much more, we implemented on Promo Choice.

Available services for job seekers

Creation and publication of the questionnaire.
Analog summary. Using the template to fill out, you can post professional and contact information about yourself on the Internet. Information will be added to the "Profiles" section, where visitors of the site will be able to see it.

What it will give you: potential employers use all channels to attract employees. By resorting to a manual search through the database of profiles, they can select you as a candidate and contact the contacts indicated in the questionnaire. So do not forget to specify them when filling.

Leave a response to jobs.
In the "Jobs" posted ads directly from the employer and the agencies search for personnel. Having found a suitable option among them, leave an application as a candidate for the position. Spend 5-10 minutes every day to view new ads and not miss a suitable position.

What it will give you: an active job search, where you take the initiative and choose your favorite posts. This does not mean that you will be accepted after the first response to the ad. However, with each new application you approach the goal.

Receive emails with current vacancies and useful information.
We are against spam: only useful and relevant information will systematically come to your email. At any time you can cancel the subscription - it will take no more than a minute.

What it will give you: daily checking emails and evaluating fresh vacancies appropriate to your profession, you will definitely not miss a suitable position. As the statistics show: 7 out of 10 Internet users check mail every day. You can forget to view new posts on the site, but in the mail they will wait for your free time.

All these services are available for free after registration.

Additional paid services

If you want to highlight the questionnaire and speed up the employment process - enable VIP-opportunities for the account, namely:

Display your contact information in the questionnaire in a special block for employers.
Add a video summary to the profile via the Youtube system.
Assignment of the questionnaire VIP status.
What it gives you: an additional image for the account, confirmation that you are a real person interested in finding a job. Video summaries are often the decisive argument, because you have already managed to “talk” with a potential employer, tell useful information about yourself, and show your readiness to get started.

How much does it cost to connect a VIP account:

7 days - 10 €
14 days - 15 €
60 days - 35 €
Raising profiles in the TOP.
In order for your page to always be in the first positions among the rest - use a raise in the TOP. According to statistics, employers find a candidate already on the first three pages of the catalog. So do not give up the position - be among the first if you want to quickly find a job.

Price: 5 € for 3 days.

Use all opportunities to get the position of your dreams, move and make good money!

Promo Choice team wishes you success!