Montenegro, Любой 70€/hours
Живая музыка на любой вкус! Моя музыка сделает незабываемым любое знаменательное событие в вашей жизни! Профессиональное качественное музыкальное сопровождение Вашего праздника, вечеринки, романтического свидания, свадьбы, дня рождения, детских празд…
Эсбьерг 2€/hours
Позитивная, ответственная , добросовестная, подхожу серьезно к любому делу.
Greece 1500€/month
Уппсала 8€/hours
Здравствуйте, меня зовут Ирина,я из Украины,проживаю в Швеции,ищу работу,буду рада любым предложенным вариантам))
Montenegro, любой 800€/month
Образование средне-специальное, радиотехник. Опыт работы: радиотехник, специалист по логистике, массажист, водитель, рабочие специальности, автослесарь. Имею жилье в Сутоморе, но готов работать в других городах Имею гидроцикл, готов работать…
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Serbia, Нови Сад 900€/month
30 лет 48% инвалидности
Любой 10€/hours
Энергичный молодой парень)))
Greece, Любой 1000€/month
Видеооператор, видеомонтажер.Инструктор по туризму.
Montenegro, Будва 1€/month
Ницца 15€/hours
Ответственная, трудолюбивая , коммуникабельная.
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The job search, as well as the search for an employee, always involves a number of difficulties, and even more so abroad. Language and psychological nuances, legislative features - sometimes take years to overcome all this. Meanwhile, a housekeeper, personal assistant, driver or tutor for a child is needed today and it is desirable that they understand you without an interpreter. On the other hand, near you there are always applicants ready to provide you with these services, but finding their questionnaires often proves to be an insoluble task.

  Promo-choice is a universal helper for both employers and applicants. Fill out the form on our website, you can no longer waste time searching and relieve yourself of unnecessary difficulties. Just a couple of clicks - and the questionnaires of candidates or vacancies will find you yourself. Moreover, all negotiations will be conducted in your native language, since our site was created specifically to help compatriots in the Balkans and in many European countries. All you need to do is post a questionnaire or a vacancy with an exact indication of all requirements and wishes.

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  Another significant argument in favor of Promo-choice for employers - placement of vacancies on the site for you is absolutely free. In addition, you will also be spared the need to pay access to the applicants' profiles and review responses. However, if you want your ad not to be lost in the stream of other vacancies, you can use the HOT or VIP package package, but these services are already paid. Do not delay looking for your best employee's questionnaire for tomorrow! Register to open position: For our part, we guarantee the complete confidentiality of all personal data.

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  For your convenience, we provide a search not only for the types of professional activities, but also for the region. So, even if you do not find a "diamond cutter" vacancy in Macedonia, you can easily respond to any other ads from this beautiful Balkan country that meet your expectations and requirements. If the search for an alternative to your unique specialty is difficult, you can get acquainted with the advice of other applicants or our specialists. We are sure that you will find enough specific information that will help you to try yourself in a different role and prepare to move to the country of your interest. If you have decided, then boldly publish your profile and start looking for the work of your dream.

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