5 life principles of Luc Besson

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5 life principles of Luc Besson, which will be useful to everyone

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 The director of famous films - "The Fifth Element" and the recently released "Valerian and the City of Thousands of Planets" - is considered one of the most successful figures in the film industry. Analyzing the life and, in particular, the career of Luc Besson, we have identified several principles that anyone can use to move in the right direction and reach new heights.

 Be attentive to detail

Each film by Luc Besson - worked out to the details. For example, for the movie "Valerian and the city of thousands of planets" Besson developed 200 alien species and he wrote a description of each of them (this work takes 600 pages!).

This rule is applicable to different life situations: if you work for quality and think through every detail in your work, you will necessarily see a positive result. It is also important to remember the details that relate to others, be it the person's name or his birthday. Such a simple technique will help you to easily establish relationships with others.

 Be prepared for dramatic changes in life

Luke himself was planning to be an underwater biologist at a young age, but in connection with health problems, he had to give up this profession. But he did not lose his head and decided that his future would be directing. He ventured - and it turned out that this was really his vocation, which became both a hobby and a job.

If you feel that in your life it's time to change something - take a risk and, for example, look for a job abroad.

 Know how to wait

Luc Besson began writing the script of the "Fifth Element" at the age of 16 and continued to work on it for more than ten years. The film was released when Besson was 38. As a result, the "Fifth Element" became a cult film and demonstrated record collections.

Thus, know how to wait - do not ask for the result immediately, once you have done something. After all, he who knows how to wait, gets everything. But you need to wait without folding your arms, and working and approaching your goal.

 Believe in yourself

Besson claims that many people did not believe in him and told him that he would never film it. But the world-famous director shot - and not one film, which became a cult.

We also often hear someone say to us: "You should not go there and try / It's useless / Why do you need this?", But only we know what we really need. If people do not believe in you, this is not a reason to stop - this is an excuse to keep going to your goal.

You must believe in yourself and set yourself a bar. You must be your main critic. And remember that the more difficult the goal, the more interesting it is to move towards them.

 Love what you do

Luc Besson says that the main thing in what he does is enjoy the process and go to the result, which can be proud of. For example, if his film is not accepted, the main thing is to be happy with the result.

Apply this universal principle to your life - understand that in fact you love and do it. Look for a job that will bring you pleasure. Or find positive moments in the current work - things that bring you pleasure. It is he who does what he likes, reaches the top, because he puts his soul into his work and works with pleasure.


Good luck to you!

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