The Ukrainian authorities took the initiative to adopt a law on dual citizenship

2020 | 02 | 27 1233

This topic has been raised several times in our country. Currently, the government is engaged in the development of a law, the operation of which does not imply the rejection of a foreign passport in order to become a citizen of Ukraine. Journalists report that M. Sokolyuk, the head of the migration service, informed the Ukrainian authorities about this initiative.

The bill, which will regulate the issues under consideration, has been assigned the number 2590, and it has been submitted for approval by deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Our president, Vladimir Zelensky, initiated this idea. As indicated on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada, this project is marked as urgent.

The content of the project states that some categories of citizens will be allowed to obtain a Ukrainian passport without refusing an official document of another power. But the only condition is that they must officially take the oath. According to the head of the Migration Service, registration of dual citizenship will be a radically new procedure, but at the same time, the norm of “single citizenship” will continue to apply in the Constitution.

The head of the department commented that at the legislative level, persons with a Ukrainian passport will be considered as Ukrainians, regardless of whether they also have another citizenship or not. If a Ukrainian is a citizen of another country, then in legal interaction with our state he is considered a Ukrainian. If a foreigner receives a Ukrainian passport, then in legal cooperation with our country he is also considered a Ukrainian.

According to the head of the migration service, the new initiative is seen as an incentive for everyone to intensify immigration to our country. According to M. Sokolyuk, after the approval and approval of the law in question, our former compatriots who are forced to emigrate for economic reasons will begin to return to Ukraine. To obtain a Ukrainian passport, applicants will have to pass a test of knowledge of the Ukrainian language and officially take the oath.

The document also provides for certain specific limitations. They will act against the citizens of the aggressor country, as the Russian Federation is often called. An exception will be made to persons subjected to political persecution by the Russian Federation, provided that they provide a certificate of refusal of a Russian passport. In addition, the law separately stipulates that a Ukrainian passport can be obtained by persons who served in the Armed Forces and those who assisted in national security and the protection of our homeland.

It is noteworthy that they will also deny the status of a citizen of a foreign state from persons applying for a position in government bodies and in the civil service. In accordance with Section 19 of the Citizenship Law, foreign citizens are not entitled to hold public office. The bill also provides for the deprivation of a passport of Ukraine of the one who violates the oath. According to M. Sokolyuk, the final text of the oath has not yet been agreed.

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