Misconceptions about finding a job

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If you are in a long job search, and still can’t find a suitable vacancy, this is not a reason to be upset, discouraged and lose enthusiasm. We recommend that you read the material in the following review from an expert in the field of career and labor market - Courtney Whitehead.

In accordance with the statistics obtained as a result of the survey of respondents-job seekers on the Work.ua resource, more than 30% of our compatriots manage to find work for more than three months. The study involved nearly 7,500 respondents. Other data from across the ocean is also interesting - the US recruitment organization Randstad USA found that US citizens, on average, find a suitable job after 5 months of searching.

The search time is influenced by many important and objective factors. However, despite this, most job seekers are still disappointed that they are able to find work on time far longer than they planned.

As a result of numerous, futile attempts to successfully find a job, the determination and perseverance of the applicants may be reduced. In order not to succumb to despondency, as well as to soberly and objectively consider the current circumstances, we will talk about the most common misconceptions in the long search for a suitable job.

The head of a recruiting agency in the United States and the author of the best-selling job-seeker revealed four common misconceptions that almost always appear in the long search for a job.

Myth 1 - most job seekers find work much faster than me

If you have been looking for a suitable job for a long time, you probably have a comparison of yourself with other job seekers. It seems to you that most of your employed friends who beat colleagues or relatives managed to find a job faster than you, and that your path is the longest.

This is a very common situation. Almost every person who is looking for work, comes to the conclusion that his profile and qualifications are not as demanded in the labor market as he had previously suggested. In such painful and depressing minutes, you need to remind yourself that for each person, a job search is individual and unique. In addition, your qualifications, profile or category may not always meet the high requirements of the labor market.

The successes of friends, acquaintances and relatives may make you think that their successful employment is a happy occasion. However, career success is always preceded by painstaking work, training, an honing of professionalism ...

Myth 2 - the longer the job search, the worse the job will be.

In the process of finding a suitable vacancy, the applicant has an objective and clear picture regarding his requirements and expectations for a new vacancy. This does not mean that the applicant agrees to any more or less suitable position because of his not too high competence. It only means that at the moment when you receive a job offer, you will have an objective picture regarding the situation in the world of work, the features and “pitfalls” of the proposed vacancy. As practical experience and the opinion of experts in the field of career shows, a long search for a vacancy affects the sobriety and objectivity of the evaluation of incoming proposals.

Myth 3 - the duration of the search for the required vacancy reflects the level of professionalism and qualification of the applicant

In nature, there is no method of building a successful career that excludes the lengthy search for a suitable job. The dynamically developing labor market puts forward ever higher demands on staff. And the competence that you had several years ago today may turn out to be irrelevant or completely outdated. Areas that are actively developing now, after many years, may become outsiders of the labor market.

If you find yourself on the side of the list of sought-after vacancies, in no case blame or reproach yourself for this situation. The fact that the industry in which you worked becomes unclaimed is by no means your fault. From this, your qualifications and competence do not decrease.

Actively learn new requirements for your profile, undergo training, advanced training. But do not deny your previous experience. A sense of previous achievements will allow you to maintain confidence while searching for a new job. However, it is not worth waiting for a critical moment, you need to pay regular attention to hanging a qualification level, learn new things, and undergo trainings.

Myth 4 - I can do without employment

After several months of unsuccessful attempts to find a job, it may seem to you that finding a job is absolutely impossible. At such moments, there is a feeling of apathy, and you come to terms with the situation - nothing until I stay unemployed. Do not give in to despondency and a pessimistic mood. In this situation, remind yourself that even the longest job searches are over. In the end, there is only one single way to tolerate a complete fiasco 

about finding a job is to lose faith in your own abilities and stop looking for a vacant place.

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