What professions are in demand in Serbia?

2018 | 10 | 09 4733

Popular professions in Serbia

The economy of Serbia is based on the mining, chemical, pharmacological and metallurgical industries. Nevertheless, the last decade, certainly, and maybe more, the most sought-after profession is a programmer. They want to see anywhere and everywhere, ranging from the meager firms and ending with holdings. The most common job openings for connoisseurs of Java and PHP. A great advantage for candidates from the CIS countries is the absence in Serbia of any more or less serious school of training in the field of information technology, unlike Russia or Ukraine.

A high degree of demand guarantees high earnings. For example, the average salary in Serbia is 400 euros, in the field of IT technologies - 1225. Three times higher! Maybe a programmer in Moscow or Kiev is a small amount of money for a profession, but with Serbian prices this guarantees a fairly good standard of living. The lack of professionals is so acute that the government was forced to develop a number of incentives for the IT sector. Including, a fivefold increase in places in universities for the training of programmers. The relevance of this issue is also indicated by the fact that special recruitment companies for the search and selection of personnel in the IT industry, such as Mindspeople and Stenton Сhase, operate in the country.

In addition to the programmer's profession, the bulk of the vacancies in the Serbian labor market are in the professions of the mining, metallurgical and pharmacological industry. Especially looking for specialists with specialized education and work experience. The trend of recent years: the ever-increasing outflow of young personnel in more developed countries, and there is simply no one to fill them.

Next on the list of professions in short supply are:

  • math teachers
  • physics teachers
  • foreign language teachers
  • anesthesiologists
  • cardiologists
  • pediatricians
  • ophthalmologists
  • gynecologists
  • pharmacists
  • biochemists
  • accountants.

There are many chances for engineers, cooks, auto mechanics and hairdressers.

Much to the relief of specialists who need to nostrify a diploma, we can say that by government agreement diplomas of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus are recognized in Serbia, and more often you will not have to prove your professionalism. In 2015, by order of the Ministry of Education of Serbia, the ENIC / NARIC center was opened. Through this center absolutely free for three months, you can settle all issues related to nostrification.

Despite the fact that after the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Serbian economy is still experiencing considerable difficulties, as evidenced by the rather high level of unemployment (14.7%), nevertheless, there are professions for which there is constantly high demand. For example, farm workers, welders, especially in the mining industry. By the way, there are some of the best salaries, around € 1,250. For comparison, there are 600 pharmacists, 600 banking workers, 500 research workers, 460-625 doctors. The smallest income of farmers, at the level of the minimum wage - 210 €.

Where can I find a job in Serbia?

And, at the end, a few tips for those who decide to move to Serbia. Most popular job search resources:

  1. nsz.gov.rs (National Employment Service website)
  2. poslovi.rs
  3. serbia.hh.ru
  4. eurabota.com/in/Serbia
  5. careerjet.rs

From the point of view of geography, in the first place, it is worth considering the central regions of Serbia. This is where you can find the most cash offers. Remote regions are mainly focused on agriculture, and as we saw above, wages there are the lowest in the country. Among Russian-speaking immigrants, the rating of Serbian cities is as follows:

  • Belgrade,
  • Novi Sad,
  • Nish,
  • Subotica,
  • Valevo,
  • Kraljevo.

As you can see in Serbia, despite the high unemployment rate, there are many options for employment. Good luck in your search.


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