Volunteer - a dream job or a test of strength?

2018 | 10 | 29 2434

When thinking about volunteering, you must first understand that this is a job. Not vacation abroad, not a tourist trip, but really work. Therefore, anticipating certain bonuses from him, you need to be ready to leave the comfort zone. Weigh the pros and cons, to decide whether to become a volunteer or to use your potential in something else.

Ready to work for food?

The very essence of volunteering comes down to work on a voluntary basis, i.e. it does not imply remuneration. The terms of cooperation with volunteer organizations around the world are completely different, but this item is common to all. Usually a volunteer is provided with accommodation and food. Count on other privileges, if they have not been specified, it is not necessary. But it is necessary to find out important nuances in advance.

Volunteer required

It is unlikely that such an announcement can be caught by chance. The work of volunteers abroad is quite relevant and, in order to find a good job, you need to know where to look.

Volunteering can be temporary or regular. In the first case - this is help in organizing all sorts of events, sporting events, festivals. For example, the Olympic Games or Formula 1. Such work is worth looking for, tracking the news on the sites of specific events. Usually about vacancies reported long before they start.

Regular volunteer work is in demand on farms, in children's camps, schools, and medical institutions. This direction requires greater responsibility, and somewhere patience, compassion and participation. Sometimes under the terms of work it is required to undergo a selection or preliminary training, which can last from several weeks to several months.

About bonuses volunteering

In addition to the fact that you will live abroad for free, eat at the expense of the organizers, the following privileges may be available to you:

  • money for pocket expenses or the ability to earn it;
  • attending a language school;
  • access to the gym, swimming pool;
  • excursions to local attractions;
  • New experience, skills that you will learn in the process;
    a chance to be a participant in significant events, to see them inside out.

In addition, this is a great way to reboot, when you are tired of the working routine, took the crisis by surprise, there is a desire to travel, but there are no means.

The difficulties of volunteer work

In order to objectively decide whether this type of activity suits you, you should not forget about such moments:

  1. Financial pillow. Since the work of a volunteer is unpaid, it’s still worth it to carry with you money for small expenses and unforeseen needs. Let it be a small amount, but you will know that you will not be left without funds in a foreign country.
  2. Lack of comfortable conditions. Upon arrival, you may be accommodated with other volunteers or separately, but not the fact that you are comfortable with the accommodation. If you are ready to share your shelter with representatives of different nationalities, faith, age, then this nuance will not upset you. Due to fatigue, sharing life between neighbors, sometimes disagreements arise, so try not to sharpen conflicts, but to solve pressing issues as needed.
  3. Mode. You may have to get up early or vice versa to work at certain hours during the day. Do not expect the schedule to adjust to your biorhythms. Free time you will have in any case. How to organize it and use it is up to you.
  4. Physical exercise. Of course, not all work implies them, but if you have to work in a farm or a national park, be prepared to walk a lot, do it yourself.
    But, despite the complexity of the work of a volunteer, when you have a soul for this business, the pleasure of the process is guaranteed.

Where to start?

Doubts dropped, the decision is made - what next? The most important thing is to decide what you want. Free to engage in what will be no joy, at least silly. A few simple recommendations will help you identify areas of work that are of interest to you personally.

  1. Think of childhood dreams. It's time to realize a desire for which there was not enough time, courage, opportunity. Working as a volunteer opens the way to many professions that do not require special education.
  2. Think about where you would like to go. Of course, it’s not the place that paints a person, but replacing the wallpaper on your desktop with a picturesque photo made by you is a tempting prospect. Some of them “wander” in the status of a volunteer in different parts of the world for years, enjoying a similar way of life.
  3. Highlight the skills you would like to master. If farming or construction does not tally with your office work, then volunteering is a reason to learn something useful. Or at least learn a foreign language, if you still have not reached the language courses.
  4. Set yourself a global goal. Why don't you change the world? In the literal sense. Make it cleaner and kinder. Volunteering opens up incredible opportunities for this.
  5. Find a vacancy by interest. Reboot is important for creative people. When inspiration has gone on indefinite leave, it can be searched in other areas of art. Volunteers can work in museums, exhibitions, music and film festivals.
    When you listen to yourself, you can proceed to specific actions.

Search for jobs

You can do this on the websites of organizations, events, specialized portals that help get a job for volunteers abroad. The sooner you start, the better. Sometimes volunteers have to be selected or trained. Plus paperwork, getting visas, buying tickets take time.

Another option is to post your resume on the Internet, of course, in a foreign language. It is possible to indicate not only your skills, experience, but also talents, wishes, goals. So a potential employer will be able to assess whether you are suited to him, whether your aspirations are consonant with the concept of the project.

Specify conditions

At the stage of interviewing and discussing the nuances of the upcoming trip, it is better to inquire in advance about the living conditions, work and food. Find out if you need to have special clothes with you, such as work gloves, clothes, raincoats.

Take care of your safety. Needless to say that trusting little-known organizations and projects, you risk. Be sure to look for feedback from other volunteers. Develop doubts before buying tickets. If you are unable to find all the information of interest on the network, and the organizer is not credible, it is better not to contact him.

In no case do not transfer money to the accounts of employers, if it is not stipulated in the conditions of work in the project. Consider a backup plan, if suddenly something does not work out on the spot, and you want to return home early. Be sure to tell your friends or relatives where you are going, leave your coordinates and keep in touch constantly.

Armed with basic knowledge of the work of a volunteer, it will be easier to navigate in this field. Dare!

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