How to become a volunteer abroad

2018 | 09 | 29 2786

If you love helping people, then you should not miss the opportunity to do it for the benefit of yourself! Many international programs allow erasing the boundaries between states and discovering the fascinating world of travel. Italy, Greece, Serbia and other European countries annually accept volunteers from all over the world. So why don't you join them?

Volunteering at WWOOF

At Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms, you can find work on organic farms abroad. The geography of the service covers the Balkans, America, Asia and even Australia. There, volunteers and employers find each other and cooperate on mutually beneficial terms. The first receive housing and free meals, the second - affordable labor.

WWOOF benefits:

You do not need to have special skills to work anywhere in Montenegro, Japan or Canada. Everything you need will be taught on the spot.
Work will have 4-6 hours a day, i.e. You will have plenty of free time to explore the area and enjoy the local flavor.
Allowed to participate in the program with family members or friends. The home team will only be glad that they will have more assistants.
Living on a farm lasts from two weeks to six months. During this time, you can catch a ride to the neighboring cities. For example, explore the Balkans if you work somewhere in Bulgaria or Slovenia.
After the term of volunteering, you can easily find a job in Europe to stay there longer. Current vacancies are presented on the website: It is enough to register - and you will easily find a suitable job for yourself in the Balkans.
Volunteering with WORKAWAY
The WORKAWAY service also presents options for working for food and lodging. But the activities are more diverse. In fact, you can use any of your skills, but not in your own country, but, for example, in Turkey or Mexico. There are jobs for maids and handymen, site developers and teachers. And employment, as in WWOOF you will be incomplete. Therefore, such volunteering can not be called burdensome.

Volunteering with AU PAIR

Portal AU PAIR will be of interest to those who are willing to help those in need of care: children who need a nanny, pensioners or people with disabilities. In addition to housing and food, such volunteering implies other bonuses. Depending on the agreement with the host family, you will be given out pocket money - from $ 200 a week, they will pay for the flight or rent an apartment. By the way, according to the terms of participation, you should attend a language school, so at the same time tighten your knowledge.

Features of the program:

age of participants - from 17 to 30 years;
you should not have your own children, and in some states the taboo for an au pair is even an official marriage;
You may be required to provide documents confirming pedagogical education if you have to work with children.
HOUSE SITTING volunteering
This format of volunteering is quite common in the Balkans. Its essence lies in the fact that you look after housing in the absence of the owners. Special resources, for example, at, provide options in any country you are interested in: Croatia, Italy, Belgium or outside Europe. Your duties will additionally take care of pets or a garden if necessary.

Choose the option that suits you - and discover the world for free!

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