What are the types of work permits in Croatia?

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How to find a job in Croatia

Croatia can be safely called the country of paradox: despite the low level of economic development and difficulties in finding employment, it still remains a favorite among the citizens of the former USSR in labor migration.

The youngest member of the European Union strives with all its might to justify the trust of elder brothers and is trying to develop the economy according to sufficiently high European standards, including in the field of social protection. In most cases, this factor is decisive in the direction of the choice of Croatia. Well, in addition, linguistic, cultural and mental intimacy also play an important role.

To work in this beautiful Adriatic country, you need to be not only a good specialist, but also have a titanic patience to go through the whole bureaucratic cycle.

By law, in the case of employment of a foreigner, a local company must pay him a salary of at least 1,100 euros. Of which the taxes will leave about 400 tons. Local workers can be charged significantly less. The average salary in the country is about 700 euros.

In addition, when hiring a foreigner, it is necessary to employ three local residents in the company. That is why Croatian employers do not like to communicate with foreigners on an ongoing basis. Even a waiter or maid is not easy to get. Most likely to find a job in the field of tourism, for example, as a guide, or a court interpreter, if you, of course, pass the language exam. There are many chances for employment of representatives of the marine and ship repair professions.

 But, as they say, "the road will be mastered by walking."

To work in Croatia, you need to obtain a work permit (radna dozvola) or a business permit (poslovna dozvola). If you are applying for a “personal permit” or “blue card”, you are unlikely to read this article, so we’ll focus on the most popular resolutions.

 A work permit is issued if you, as a specialist, are subject to annual quotas. For each industry, they change from year to year, so it’s best not to delay solving this issue indefinitely, but to follow closely the publications on the official website of the Croatian State Employment Service - hzz.hr.

Start your search for your employer in the fall, and quotas for next year are published in December (http://www.hzz.hr/default.aspx?id=10328). By this time, it is better to be all-armed. Since Croatian laws very strictly protect their working market from unwanted guests, there are very few quotas.

 If you have conceived the move with the whole family, then, according to unconfirmed information, in the case of your employment by quotas, there is one big BUT - your family will not be able to relocate to you under the reunification program for the next two years.

Quotas are not provided if you open a foreign representative office of your company in Croatia, play sports professionally, carry out journalistic activities, conduct scientific research or teach in the languages ​​of national minorities. By the way, Montenegrins, for example, are considered to be a minority in Croatia, although according to the latest census in Croatia there are only 4,517 people or 0, 11%. Do Russians or Ukrainians live in Croatia less?

After you find and negotiate with your future employer, you need to obtain a work visa at the Croatian consulate at home.

The visa on the basis of employment belongs to the category of Schengen visas D. With this visa you can stay in the country for more than 90 days and work for the benefit of the Croatian people.

A work permit is issued for a maximum of two years. Then it must be renewed.

 If you decide to employ yourself and open a legal entity, then you need to take into account the following nuances: PI cannot employ foreigners, so if you want to work with your whole family, your choice is LLC (d.o.o.). In addition, when hiring yourself, you must provide evidence of the employment of three Croatian citizens: employment contracts, and applications for registration in the structure of medical and pension insurance. The authorized capital of your company must be at least 200.000 kunas (25.000 euros). Well and, besides, to extend the work permit you will need to show a profit for the first year.

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