Work permit in Montenegro

2018 | 08 | 02 2579

Montenegro is the smallest of the Balkan countries. The population is only 623 thousand people. The wonderful climate combined with the high rates of development made it one of the most popular among our compatriots. According to unofficial data, over 100 thousand immigrants from the former USSR live here. Despite the fact that Montenegro still has not become a member of the EU, labor legislation, they nevertheless led to European standards.

 Types of work permits (radna dozvola)

 - Personal (Lična radna dozvola)

   It is issued to resident foreigners, refugees, or those who have been granted additional protection. The owners of this permit in working relations are almost equal to the local residents.

 - Employment permit (Dozvola za zapošljavanje)

a) A work permit is issued at the request of the employer and is the basis for entering into an employment contract. The validity period is one year, with the possibility of renewal for a maximum of another two years.

b) A seasonal work permit is also issued at the request of the employer for no more than eight months.

 - Work permit (Dozvola za rad)

   Issued to foreigners working in foreign companies with headquarters or a representative office in Montenegro.

 Who does not need a work permit

   A work permit is not required if you are: a staff member of a diplomatic mission, a scientist, a journalist, a creative worker or an athlete, and arrived in the country for a time.

   By law, you can not change the place of work specified in the contract. If you have found more favorable conditions and want to go to another employer, you will have to go through the whole procedure of obtaining permits again.

 Quotas for foreign specialists

   In order to combat unemployment, it is not the smallest in Montenegro, and by protecting the rights of the local population, the Montenegrin government each year analyzes the needs of the labor market and sets quotas for specialties for issuing permits to foreign specialists. They are published until October 31. So, in November you can safely begin to monitor the market and enter into negotiations if your specialty falls into the quota list. Believe me, you will have a big competition, so it’s better to immediately fight for your place under the Montenegrin sun.

    Quotas do not apply if you:

  • - holder of a personal work permit
  • - a family member of a citizen of Montenegro, a refugee or a foreigner with the right of permanent residence
  • - foreign specialist working on the basis of an international agreement;
  • - athlete, with a valid contract
  • - teacher of the Montenegrin University, teaching in the language of the ethnic minority
  • - representative of a foreign company

 Important note!

   You can get a work permit within five days after the deadline. If it was not received, it will be canceled by law and you will be able to receive a new one in less than a month

   The main law for you as an employee is - Zakon o zaposljavanju i radu stranaca

   It clearly spelled out not only the rules of employment and the responsibility of your employer, but also the rules of payment, the duration of your work week, the order of dismissal and much more. In addition, the law requires your employer to charge and pay for you contributions to the pension fund and, most importantly, to medical funds. Particular attention is paid to the documentation of the worker and this is carefully checked by the labor inspectorate.

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