How to get a residence permit in Slovakia Ukrainians

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This European country is friendlier than many other EU countries towards migrants. Therefore, to issue a permit in Slovakia is a fairly simple procedure and not burdened by bureaucratic formalities. Any Ukrainian can easily get this document. How to do it - read the article.

Advantages of residence permit in Slovakia

A residence permit gives the right to travel freely in Europe, but this is not the only advantage for a foreigner.

Holders of this status can:

  • study for free in Slovakia;
  • enjoy certain social benefits;
  • receive child support or retirement benefits.

Those. in addition to your own earnings abroad, you can count on the help of the state.

Who can get a residence permit?

The grounds for a long stay in Slovakia can be:

  • Doing business.
  • Contract job.
  • Training.
  • Family reunification.
  • EU blue card.
  • Research or special (artistic, sports, etc.) activities.

They should be supported by documents and submitted for consideration to the Embassy of Slovakia in Ukraine or to the police station for foreigners directly at the place of the future residence permit.

The standard package of documents also includes:

  1. application in Slovak;
  2. international passport;
  3. 2 photos;
  4. certificate of good conduct;
  5. notarized certificate of registration;
  6. proof of residence in Slovakia (this may be your own property or rented accommodation);
  7. financial security (bank statement).

Business in Slovakia

Vnzh for entrepreneurs leading among the reasons for moving to this European country. It is not surprising, because the conditions for running your own business, in particular tax legislation, are quite favorable here.

Obtain a residence permit can a private entrepreneur or CEO of the company. Be prepared for the fact that the benefit of your activity and the economic benefit for Slovakia will be scrupulously evaluated on the basis of your business plan.

You can get your first residence permit for a year and a half, and in the future you can expect an extension for a maximum period of three years.

Residence permit for employment

Work in Slovakia for foreigners requires permission or confirmation that a citizen of another country has the right to take a vacancy. These nuances complicate a little the search for work abroad, so the issue of employment is better to settle in advance. You can find current vacancies on the verified LINK sites, where you can find the best offers from employers in Slovakia.

Vnzh for work is issued for two years in the presence of an employment contract. Without a specific workplace assigned to you, this basis for a residence permit can not be counted on.

Study in Slovakia

For residence permit, it is not necessary to get a higher education, it is enough to be a student of secondary school or language courses.

Issuance of a residence permit for foreign students occurs throughout the month. In some cases, this document can be issued immediately for 6 years, which is very convenient and promising, because during this time you can find another reason for residence permit and stay legally in Slovakia longer.

Family reunification

This basis applies to foreigners who are married to a Slovak citizen or a residence permit holder, and are also children of citizens of the Republic of Slovakia. Holders of this residence permit can be employed without a work permit after a year, and with a permit - from the first day in the new status.

They issue residence permit to relatives of citizens of the Slovak Republic for 5 years, then it can be extended for the same period.

Residence permit on the blue card

The blue card holder can be highly qualified specialists in promising industries. A diploma of higher education and professional experience increases the chances of getting it.

Issue a blue card to the police for foreigners. The maximum term of its validity is 3 years with the right of renewal for the same term. Vnzh on this basis can be obtained within a month.

Options for scientists and creative people
A residence permit in Slovakia can be obtained for an internship and research. It is also issued to those engaged in artistic or sports activities, enlightenment, volunteering, journalism with accreditation in the Slovak Republic.

Initially, such a permit is issued for 2 years, then it is usually extended by 3.

Permanent residence and citizenship

You can apply for permanent residence after 5 years with a residence permit and an experience of continuous stay in the country for at least 183 days a year. The main condition - confirmation of financial security for life. Buying your home is not required, but you will be asked for a rental document.

After another 5 years, foreigners can obtain citizenship.

As you can see, this country is really the most loyal to the citizens of other states. It is through her that you can successfully pave your way to the European standard of living, education and social guarantees.

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