Baravak or residence permit in Serbia

2019 | 04 | 10 2437

For a long stay with this European country a foreigner needs a document giving the right to a residence permit. Its validity is usually up to a year, but with the right of renewal, and in the future - obtaining a permanent residence permit, valid for 5 years. Naturally, it is issued not to everyone, but only to those who have good reasons for this.

Ownership of a property allows you to issue a residence permit?

To a foreigner to live legally in Serbia, you need to be the owner of an apartment or a residential building. Real estate for commercial purposes, a plot of land or giving such rights do not give. At the same time, you need to really live there, because the relevant authorities can check it and even interview your neighbors. That is, you will not be able to buy cheap housing and rent a more comfortable for living.

Real estate is the basis for a residence permit, but it is not assigned automatically - it is still necessary to draw up and assemble a package of documents:

  1. Statement.
  2. Autobiography.
  3. Property Title Deed.
  4. Confirmation of financial solvency (about 2 thousand euros per person).
  5. Medical insurance.
  6. Two color photo 3x4.
  7. Alien registration card.
  8. International passport.
  9. Check for payment of duty.

If, in addition to housing, you also want to find work in Serbia, then this type of residence does not contradict this, but requires additional registration of a work permit.

Residence permit for work

Employment and private entrepreneurship are also grounds for getting a permit. You should not expect that the work will be waiting for you after the move. Look for it in advance on the specialized exchanges LINK, because for residence permit you will need to provide a working contract. A long-term visa can be issued at the Embassy of Serbia, in the same place you can look at the tariffs for services and know how much it will cost.

To open your business in Serbia, you must first register a company or yourself as an individual entrepreneur, and then issue a residence permit. You will not need to provide a document on the ownership of housing, but only a lease agreement. This requires less investment than buying property, but the cost of taxes and running your business should be taken into account with a margin.

Residence permit in Serbia to study

Under this foundation extends training at the university or at language courses, activities in research organizations, student exchanges between countries. Studying at a school that used to allow parents to move to Serbia following a child is no longer a reason for a residence permit. An adult citizen must have his own basis for a residence permit, and the child receives it for family reunification.

Residence permit for family reasons

His relatives in Serbia can get close relatives with the documentary evidence of kinship with someone who already has a residence permit or citizenship. If the reason for the move is marriage, then the documents must additionally provide a certificate of registration of the marital union.

How to get a residence permit in Serbia

To find the reason for the move, you can enter the country as a tourist and find it during the month - find a job, open a company or buy property.

The second step is to collect the necessary documents and submit them for consideration to the police station.

If the basis for the residence permit is confirmed and the necessary documents are provided in full, then after a while you will be invited to the office with a passport in order to glue into it a barrack.

Serbia is a rather attractive country for relocation, since the standard of living there is European, but prices relative to other European countries are moderate.

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