How to get a residence permit in Spain

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If you have plans to go to Spain for more than three months, and in the future to settle there permanently, then this right is granted to foreigners by a residence permit. It may be temporary or permanent. With this document, you can freely stay not only directly on Spanish territory, but also freely travel around the Schengen zone.

There are many scenarios for obtaining residence permit for Ukrainians in Spain.

Acquisition of real estate

Own housing in the country, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, gives a lot of bonuses:

  • visa-free entry to more than 100 countries;
  • social support from the state, including medical care;
  • the prospect of obtaining citizenship.

Real estate in Spain allows you to fall under two categories of residence permit:

  1. When buying a property worth more than 500 thousand €.
  2. For financially well-off citizens (without the provision of employment rights) who buy real estate or rent residential space for a term of two years and confirm their income (approximately € 28,000 + € 7,000 for each family member).

According to the law of 14/2013, which is current in Spain in 2014, get a residence permit in the country allows the purchase of housing. It also includes shareholders of local firms, holders of government bonds and owners of large deposits in the bank, as well as businessmen, highly qualified personnel and scientists.

A residence permit for investment does not oblige a foreigner to stay in Spain for a certain number of days a year, it gives the right to formal employment, residence permit for family members, visa-free travel in the Schengen zone. You can arrange it quickly - the whole procedure takes about two months. This residence permit is valid for 2 years with the right of renewal.

Registration of residence permit in Spain for financially independent parties takes from four to six months. Issued for a year with the right to extend for 2 years, 5 years, and then apply for citizenship. Mandatory condition for the action of this document: to live in the country for at least 6 months a year. This residence permit gives the right to engage in business or invest in a business, but prohibits employment.

Family reunion or marriage

A residence permit in Spain under this scheme can be issued by those whose parents are Spanish by origin, close relatives have citizenship or residence permit. It applies to children and pensioners. At the same time, the minimum amount of income per family member is about 2500 €.

For its part, the resident of Spain must provide the original and a copy of the passport, as well as documentary evidence of the relationship with the applicant for a residence permit. To obtain a residence permit will be required:

  • statement;
  • alien card;
  • documenting the availability of living space suitable for the whole family;
  • statement of income.

Marriage with a Spanish citizen gives the right to receive a resident card and a residence permit, and in a year to apply for citizenship.

Labor or business activity

The work contract also allows you to obtain a residence permit in Spain. However, obtaining residence permit due to employment is complicated due to the increased level of unemployment in the country and the economic crisis. But if you find a suitable job and conclude an agreement with your employer, it will simplify the receipt of a work visa. You can apply for its execution in the visa center, and find a decent job on the specialized exchange LINK.

The easiest way is to obtain a residence permit for highly qualified specialists in the professions in demand in Spain. If you are engaged in science, working in the IT-field, chemical or engineering industry, then you just have to document your qualifications and learn Spanish.

Businessmen who open a business in Spain are granted a residence permit for a year. To do this, you must prepare the following list of documents:

  • statement;
  • the original and a copy of the passport;
  • a document confirming knowledge and experience in a particular area of ​​business;
  • Bank statement on the availability of funds to open or buy a business;
  • developed business plan.

After receiving confirmation from the consulate that the process of issuing a residence permit has been launched, the alien must prepare a certificate of good criminal record and state of health. Within three months, he is obliged to issue a business and extend a business permit, providing a passport and documentary evidence of tax payments, the presence of a business, as well as a foreigner card and an extract from the municipality at the place of registration.

Radna ili poslovna aktivnost

Ugovor o radu vam takođe omogućava da dobijete boravišnu dozvolu u Španiji. Međutim, dobijanje boravišne dozvole zbog zapošljavanja je komplikovano zbog povećanog nivoa nezaposlenosti u zemlji i ekonomske krize. Ali ako nađete odgovarajući posao i sklopite ugovor sa svojim poslodavcem, to će pojednostaviti prijem radne vize. Možete se prijaviti za njegovo izvršenje u viznom centru, i naći pristojan posao na specijalizovanoj razmjeni LINK.

Najlakše je dobiti dozvolu boravka za visoko kvalifikovane stručnjake u traženim zanimanjima u Španiji. Ako se bavite naukom, radite u IT-oblasti, hemijskoj ili inžinjerskoj industriji, onda morate samo da dokumentujete svoje kvalifikacije i naučite španski.

Privrednicima koji otvaraju biznis u Španiji odobrava se boravišna dozvola na godinu dana. Da biste to uradili, morate pripremiti sledeću listu dokumenata:

  • izjava;
  • original i kopiju pasoša;
  • dokument kojim se potvrđuje znanje i iskustvo u određenoj oblasti poslovanja;
  • Izjava banke o dostupnosti sredstava za otvaranje ili kupovinu preduzeća;
  • razvijen poslovni plan.

Nakon dobijanja potvrde od konzulata da je pokrenut postupak izdavanja boravišne dozvole, stranac mora pripremiti potvrdu o dobroj krivičnoj evidenciji i zdravstvenom stanju. U roku od tri mjeseca dužan je izdati poslovnu dozvolu i izdati poslovnu dozvolu, dostaviti pasoš i dokumentaciju o plaćanju poreza, prisutnost poslovanja, kao i karticu za stranca i izvadak iz općine na mjestu registracije.

Investments in the economy

The residence permit is granted to foreigners who are ready to invest in the country's economy. These can be investments from € 2 million in the securities market, from € 1 million with the participation of an investor in Spanish companies or a deposit of the same amount in a bank.

Vnzh issue and those who invest in business projects that contribute to the development of the economy of the region where they are implemented, science or innovation, the emergence of new jobs.

As in the case of the acquisition of real estate, the investor’s gold visa gives the right to stay in Spain any number of days in a year and issue a residence permit for members of your family. The extension of this residence permit takes place in a simplified procedure after 2 years.

Education in Spain

Temporary residence permit can be obtained by students receiving education in an educational institution certified by the Ministry of Education of Spain and having the right to train foreigners. This may be a language or secondary school, as well as any courses on entrepreneurship or even cooking.

Such residence permit is issued for 1 year, and it gives the right to work no more than 20 hours a week without prejudice to study.

Residency transfer

Recently, foreigners from the post-Soviet space can only apply for a residence permit on this basis after 10 years of residence in Spain. Although earlier settled life meant a stay in the country of three years.

Permanent residence permit
The permanent residence in Spain is a natural continuation of the residence permit. To issue it, you must:

  • To live in the country for more than 10 years for any category of residence permit.
  • Apply for Spanish citizenship.
  • Pass the Spanish Language Proficiency Test.

Documents will be reviewed by the court, and the applicant for citizenship may repeatedly call for interviews. The decision to be made by the judicial authorities is mailed.

As you can see, it is quite realistic to rely on a residence permit in Spain, if we are to be consistent and understand this issue. Moving to Europe will open for you new perspectives, financial opportunities and will significantly improve the standard of living. Therefore, if your goal is to live in Spain or bring your family there, then today you can take the first steps towards it. At a minimum, start learning Spanish and finding job opportunities.

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