Residence permit in Croatia for Ukrainians

2019 | 05 | 06 3259

Initially, to get a permit in this European country, it is not even necessary to be on its territory. It is enough to submit an application to the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Ukraine, supporting it with all the necessary documents. If there are good reasons for obtaining a residence permit, material support and housing in Croatia, the probability of failure is very small. Issue it for 1 year with the possibility of extension.

Residence permit can get businessmen and ordinary workers, scientists and students. Read more in our article.

How can I get a residence permit in Croatia?

The grounds for a residence permit may be:

  • family reunion or marriage with a Croat;
  • employment;
  • business;
  • training;
  • research activities.

Some are mistaken in believing that real estate in Croatia is a guarantee of obtaining a residence permit. In fact, its purchase only reinforces the main reason for moving, confirming the availability of housing in the republic. But without another weighty reason to move to Croatia, you will not be closer to obtaining a residence permit.

Family circumstances

Family reunification or marriage with a citizen of Croatia, the holder of permanent residence or residence permit for research activities give the right to obtain a residence permit. As for the other grounds for a residence permit for a person with whom you entered into a marriage or are related, there is a small restriction for them - a period of at least two years and an extension for the third year. This applies to spouses, minor children, parents, sisters and brothers.

Work and business

Employment in Croatia is a rather complicated process, since the number of foreigners in enterprises is regulated by a quota. Because it is possible to get residence permit only on the basis of an employment contract, then it is better to take care of finding a job in advance. On specialized job exchanges in Europe, such as LINK, you can find work without risk. This is the only option guaranteed to obtain a residence permit on this basis.

Entrepreneurs can get a permit if they have a business license. To do this, you need to have in your asset at least 51% of the shares of a local company and employ at least three Croatian citizens.

In both cases, the residence permit is issued no longer than a year. In the case of businessmen, this nuance demonstrates a certain degree of distrust towards those who plan to develop the country's economy. But while complying with all the laws of doing business in Croatia, you can expect to extend the residence permit for another 5 years. This plus outweighs the cons and inspires confidence to those who really want to conduct honest business in Europe.

Permanent residence and citizenship

After 5 years, a temporary residence permit can be changed to a permanent one. If you have a passport, insurance and a stable source of income, a foreigner can contact the police station at the place of residence and get permanent residence. In addition, it is necessary to confirm knowledge of Croatian at a basic level. Without this, do not get the citizenship of Croatia. A permanent residence permit after 5 years gives the right to claim the status of a full citizen of the republic. True, for this, Ukrainian citizenship will have to be abandoned.

Vnzh in the EU - this is the real way to a better standard of living, which you can pave yourself. Choose the option that is suitable for your purposes, draw up documents and go ahead - to conquer Europe!

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