Residence permit in Montenegro

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Ukrainians can live in Montenegro for up to 90 days without a visa, but if your goal is a residence permit, then you are subject to the local law “On Foreigners”. You can apply for a visa at the Embassy of Montenegro in Ukraine, and we will tell you in detail about the grounds for residence permit in the article.

What rights does a residence permit in Montenegro give?

Holders of residence permit can be in Montenegro all year round, and leaving it outside for longer than 30 days will result in the cancellation of the document. Those who have a residence permit and honestly pay taxes are covered by the privilege of free medical care. Also with a residence permit you can purchase and register a car, get a Euro sample driver's license. And if you have children, they can go to kindergarten or school for free.

Grounds for residence permit

You can apply for a residence permit if:

  • plan to develop your own business;
  • buy property in Montenegro;
  • moving to a family or getting married;
  • get a formal job;
  • are going to study or do science;
  • want to be treated in medical institutions of the country.

Each of the grounds must be documented. In addition, your account should not be less than 3,650 euros per person per year, owned property in Montenegro or a document on long-term rental housing, medical insurance, certificate of no criminal past.

Application for a residence permit can be considered up to 40 days, and issue a residence permit for 1 year. The state duty is 25 euros per person, which by the standards of Europe is not much.

Obtaining a residence permit for work and business

Doing business in Montenegro gives the right to a residence permit not only to the founder, but also to his family members. At the same time, directors of the company are not obliged to employ local workers or fulfill a specific business plan. The main thing is to submit accounting reports in time and regularly deduct taxes.

Work contract is also the basis for temporary residence in the country. You can find a permanent job or a seasonal vacancy on the LINK exchange, enter into an agreement with the employer and work legally, get a decent salary and live in Montenegro. The only caveat is that permission is granted for a specific vacancy and in case of dismissal your residence permit is canceled.

Buying a property

Getting a residence permit after purchasing a home in Montenegro applies not only to its owner, but also to his spouse (children). The property must be bought and built - for a mortgage, land for housing construction this basis for a residence permit is not suitable.

Issue a residence permit for 1 year with the right of renewal, but in the future, the real estate owner will not be able to get permanent residence.

Residence permit for family reunification

This basis is suitable for holders of residence permit or permanent residence, who want to transport his wife / husband and minor children to Montenegro. It can be used, for example, by foreigners employed by contract to work, but not be at the same time away from their relatives.

Other grounds for residence permit

A residence permit can provide for long-term treatment upon presentation of a certificate. It can also be issued to secondary school students, students, scientists, refugees. If none of the preceding paragraphs suits you, select the grounds from this list and prepare the documents.

Permanent residence and citizenship

Temporary residence permit after 5 years of residence in the country can be changed to a permanent one. But there are nuances:

  • During this period, you should not travel outside the state for more than half a year, one-time or 10 months in total.
  • Permanent residence on the grounds of study, ownership of real estate, seasonal work in the general term is not taken into account.
    Permanent residence permit for five years. Ten years later, you can apply for citizenship. To do this, you need to pass a language proficiency test and write a waiver of the citizenship of your native country.

Although Montenegro is not among the EU member states, it is a state with a rather high standard of living relative to Ukraine. Therefore, you can seriously consider it for the prospect of moving.

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