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Residence permit in the Czech Republic for Ukrainians

2019 | 05 | 20 389

One of the advantages of living in this European country for our compatriots is a simplified cultural adaptation. The mentality of the Czechs is closer to the citizens of the post-Soviet space, despite the fact that the standard of living is much higher.

If you are planning to work, get an education or do business in the Czech Republic, then a residence permit is a prerequisite. How to make it - read the material.

Where to issue a residence permit in the Czech Republic?

Considers applications about the residence permit of the Czech Migration Police. In the case of a positive decision, a foreigner receives a long-term visa for which he can live in the country for more than 90 days. All documents for obtaining residence permit can be submitted through the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine. Upon arrival in the Czech Republic within 3 days, you must come to the local police station to get your biometric data. After all the procedures passed, the residence permit is usually issued within 2 months. Its validity will initially be limited to one year, as long as a long-term visa will be valid. In the future, you can extend the residence permit for another 2 years, after 5 years of stay in the Czech Republic, you can count on permanent residence, after 10 years - to try to obtain citizenship. In order to obtain permanent residence, an exam is taken on the knowledge of the Czech language at A2 level, and on citizenship also on the knowledge of Czech history. In the Czech Republic, by the way, dual citizenship is allowed.

List of documents for registration of residence permit

The main package of documents includes:

  1. Statement.
  2. Valid international passport.
  3. 3 photos format 3.5 x 4.5 cm.
  4. Confirmation of the availability of a sufficient amount of funds to stay in the Czech
  5. Republic (about 1,200 € for an ordinary person, or about 4,000 € for businessmen).
  6. Availability of housing in the Czech Republic. It is not necessary to have your own property, but a rented apartment with an area of ​​at least 8 m2 for 1 person or 12.6 m2 for two.
  7. Medical insurance.
  8. Certificate of good conduct.

The documented basis for obtaining the permit.

Documents must be translated into Czech and notarized.

Grounds for a residence permit in the Czech Republic
As in many other European countries, a residence permit in the Czech Republic is issued for:

  • study or research activities;
  • employment;
  • business;
  • family reunion.

Acquisition of real estate does not give the right to register a residence permit.

Getting an education at a local university gives you the right to apply for a long-term visa and residence permit. Foreign scientists are issued VNS on the basis of a long-term cooperation agreement with a Czech research institute.

You can receive a document for a long-term stay in the Czech Republic for work in two ways:

With an employee card. The basis for its receipt is a working contract. In this case, the change of vacancy should be agreed with the migration department of the police.
With a blue EU card. It is issued to highly qualified foreign specialists to work in positions demanded in the Czech Republic.
It is better to search for vacancies in advance so that before you move to the Czech Republic all documents are ready. Specialized employment exchanges in Europe LINKS offer dozens of legal jobs, including in the Czech Republic.

Vnzh businessmen issued on the basis of a business card. To get it, you need to register your company in the Czech Republic. It will take registration about 14 days and will cost about 900 euros. In the future, you just need to conduct their activities according to the law and regularly pay taxes.

Family reunification extends to close relatives of the holder of the permit. If there are enough funds for living in the Czech Republic and living space for all dependents, then within months the application will be considered and satisfied.

Besides the fact that the Czech Republic is a rather attractive living standard of the country, it is also loyal to foreigners. If all the conditions prescribed by law are observed, it will not be difficult to obtain a residence permit there.

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