What is the essence of the law

2019 | 09 | 24 3230

Since July 12, no private institution, enterprise, service, banks, financial institutions have the right to require copies of documents from clients for any operations. For example, now, in order to rent a car in Poland, it will be enough to show documents, make it available at request and rewrite personal data manually. To take a photo, scan a passport, a driver’s license, transport cards, an identity card - any personal documents are prohibited by law.

This is due to the privacy policy. The Inspector General and the Office for the Protection of Personal Data of Poland have previously set the stage for the adoption of this law, citing the fact that it is easy to create original documents from copies that can later be used for fraudulent purposes. As, for example, taking a loan to another person, re-registration of real estate.

The punishment for breaking the law is quite severe - up to two years in prison.

Be familiar, attentive and vigilant. If you want to make copies of your documents, or if they are required from you in non-state institutions, protect yourself by law and do not hesitate to assert your rights. The law applies not only to Polish citizens, but also legal immigrants, tourists.

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