Capsule hotel opened in Borispol

2019 | 08 | 16 2465

Recently, the largest air harbor of Ukraine - Boryspil Airport has opened a new format of service for tourists. Now transit passengers can relax between flights in comfortable, compact, modern rooms of the capsule hotel. This information was released by Vladimir Omelyan, a representative of the airport infrastructure management. The specialist is sure that the new hotel service will be in demand among transit tourists.

The rooms look like small bunks with sleeping places. Separately, there are toilets and showers for hygiene. A photo of the new transit tourists stay confirms that cosiness and comfort reign here - on a compact territory in the arrivals area.

The cost of living in a mini-room is loyal - from 370 UAH per single capsule. Three hours of rest in a capsule will cost 550 UAH, and the maximum price is just over a thousand hryvnias for 12 hours of rest in a double capsule. For the convenience of passengers, some rooms are equipped with air conditioning, which is especially true for hot and stuffy summer flights.

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