What to do if you lost your passport abroad?

2019 | 03 | 18 1844

When going to work or rest abroad, the first thing that each of us takes with us is an identity document - a passport. Upon arrival in the country of destination, we also treat the passport with special attention: we store it in the safe of a hotel room or other safe place, take it with us, placing it in a purse, purse or special case. But even the most attentive and prudent citizens are not insured against losing a document. What to do in such a force major situation, especially if you lost your passport far from your homeland - abroad?

Algorithm of actions at loss of the international passport

If our compatriot, being abroad: in Europe, Asia or another part of the world, faced with the loss of a passport, first of all, you need to contact the nearest police station. Police officers will issue a special certificate confirming the sad fact that a document was lost.

After registration and receipt of such information, Ukrainians need to visit the Consulate of our state. Employees of the institution will issue another paper - this is an identity card necessary for returning to Ukraine. Crossing the border, the citizen will provide the border guard with this paper instead of a passport. It gives the right to legal return to their homeland. It is noteworthy that consular officers can issue this certificate not only if the passport is lost, but also when it expires or the document is invalid.

What papers must be submitted to the Embassy when you lose your passport?
In order to help the consular staff quickly, you need to submit the following documentation package:

  • application form has a form - this document must be filled in place;
  • a certificate issued to you at the police station, which confirms the fact of loss, theft,
  • loss of your passport and your appeal to the police;
  • if you took with you abroad a Ukrainian passport, driver's license, another identity document - provide it to the Consulate staff as well;
  • Also, together with the package of the above documents, you must provide 2 color photos of the standard size: 3.5 × 4.5 cm.

Ukrainian, who suffered from the loss of his passport, must pay - consular fee or a fine. In each state its size is different. Citizens of Ukraine who have preferential privileges are exempted from its payment. Sometimes the embassy staff make an independent decision and exempt our compatriots from paying the fee. The Consul has resorted to this right if the Ukrainian, who faced the loss of the document, does not have enough financial resources.

When all documents have been submitted, and the monetary contribution is paid, the consuls perform a thorough, detailed check. As part of these actions, diplomats check the citizenship of the person who lost the passport, issue him a certificate to be sent home - to Ukraine. The procedure of its registration usually takes 1 day, and the whole process: from filing documents to issuing a certificate lasts a maximum of 5 days.

What to do if the loss occurred in a country where there is no Ukrainian Consulate?
If in the territory of the state where this trouble happened to the Ukrainian, the Embassy of Ukraine is absent, the citizen needs to contact another nearest diplomatic body of our Motherland. In such cases, a certificate giving the right to return to Ukraine will be sent by mail.

It is important to know that the honorary consuls are not authorized to issue this document to citizens who are faced with the loss of a passport. But they provide comprehensive assistance and support to Ukrainians so that they can apply to the consular offices of our country in other nearby states.

How often do our compatriots face the problem being considered abroad?

Such unpleasant situations most often occur during tourist trips to Turkey. For the first 9 months of last year, almost 150 cases were registered in the Ukrainian Embassy of this country. Our Embassy in this southern state issued more than 30 certificates, and the Istanbul Consulate General - more than 100. The Embassy of our country in Egypt also helped Ukrainians regain their rights and issue more than 40 certificates.

In order to minimize the consequences of losing a document and to facilitate the prompt issuance of a return certificate, tourists and worker are advised to take color photos with them abroad and save a copy of the passport on the Google disk.

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