Simplified border queue tracking

2020 | 01 | 09 1052

With regard to simplifying the queue tracking scheme at the border, the experience of Belarusian colleagues is encouraging. The Belarusian Customs Committee has become one of the coordinators of the project, within the framework of which the development of an application for mobile phones is ongoing. The system will allow you to easily and quickly, in real time, track the movement at border crossing points. Such a necessary, useful and modern project is being implemented as part of the technical modernization of service systems and approved by the Belarusian authorities.

The press service of the State Customs Committee of Belarus said that when creating a mobile application, attention will be focused on the convenience of options and navigation of the system for users. A questionnaire was posted on the official website of the department, where everyone could express their opinion on this new, undoubtedly convenient initiative.

According to the press service of the department, using a mobile application, users will be able to receive information about the work of the customs service, namely:

  • about customs control;
  • duration of customs procedures;
  • general situation at border crossing points;
  • about existing queues at the border.

With real-time information, citizens will be able to rationally use their time by reducing the length of their stay at the border crossing point.

The development of the mobile phone application is overseen by the customs authorities of Belarus, the representative office of the European Union, as well as the representative office of the migration organization in Belarus. When the project will be implemented, this has not yet been announced for sure.

It is interesting to note that the immediate plans of the State Border Committee also include the development of an application that allows online monitoring of queues at border crossing points. One of the representatives of the department, Anton Bychkovsky, noted the importance and timeliness of providing citizens with objective, reliable information.

Citizens of Belarus already have access to an interactive application with a similar profile. Its name, Pulse of the Border, fully reflects the essence of the monitoring system. This resource contains statistics, online figures, photographs from 24 border crossing points with Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states.

The availability of objective information on a particular issue largely depends on the activity of users of the application. It is noteworthy that now the number of users of the application is more than 10 thousand people. Especially valuable is the activity of users regarding the coverage of the situation in the neutral zone. The fact is that the information on it is not reflected in the actual indicators in turn, but at the same time significantly affects the speed of its progress.

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