Employment in Lithuania

2019 | 07 | 19 3588

Baltic attracts Ukrainians every year more and more. Tourism is gaining momentum, industry and agriculture are not losing ground. Lithuania needs labor, and for our compatriots, finding a job in the EU is a chance to earn a living.

Labor Market in Lithuania

Before embarking on a job search, check out the professions in demand and the level of wages for them. The size of the salary depends on the number of working hours. In Lithuania, the minimum wage is just over 2 € / hour. That is how much they pay for unskilled labor to cleaners, couriers, dishwashers. Some data on the average salary in other professions are presented in the table:


Monthly salary (in euros)

Truck driver


Handyman at a construction site


Builder with a specialization (painter, plasterer, etc.)








Ship Repair Specialist


Truck drivers, auto mechanics are in demand in Lithuania. If you have a European-style driver's license in categories C, E, then finding a job is not difficult. An additional plus is the experience of international transportation.

Waiters, bartenders, porters, maids, housekeepers are always required. Foreigners are often involved in the agricultural sector. In addition, in Lithuania you can become a freelancer - content manager, SEO-specialist, copywriter, programmer. And earn from 300 to 700 euros per month.

How to increase your competitiveness among other immigrants?

The main factors that will allow you to qualify for a more prestigious, and accordingly highly paid position, are:

  • Qualification.
  • Education and experience.
  • Knowledge of Lithuanian or English.
  • Age - preference is given to people from 24 to 45 years.

If your goal is not just temporary earnings, but full-fledged immigration to Lithuania, then these points should be given special attention and at least learn Lithuanian. Even Russian-speaking people living there are not the first generation. Emigration from Ukraine is usually planned long before the move is not even a residence permit, so you will have enough time to learn the language.

How to look for a legal job?

In Lithuania, illegal fines are so minor that they are often hired. But at the same time they do not pay the agreed salary and create intolerable working conditions. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and get a job officially.

Finding a job through dating in Lithuania is quite difficult. Responses of migrants can be diametrically opposed depending on how exactly they were looking for work. The safest thing is to contact a trusted employment agency. Usually on job exchanges in Europe, you can find a worthwhile job. To work necessarily need to issue a permit, and to do so in advance. It is issued 2 months after the submission of documents for 2 years with the right of renewal. In addition to a copy of the passport, photographs, documents on education and work experience, you need to submit a statement from the employer about the proposed job.

After obtaining permission, a Ukrainian has the right to receive a work visa at the Lithuanian embassy. If you arrange for a seasonal job, then you do not need to open it for 2 years and pay 150 euros. A visa for a year costs 121 €, up to six months - 34 €.

Residence permit in Lithuania

The basis for obtaining a residence permit is including work under a contract and running a business in the country. Then you can arrange permanent residence. Living in Lithuania for 5 years with a temporary residence permit gives you the right to do so if you successfully pass the language test. You can get a business visa not only by setting up your company in the Republic of Lithuania, but also by buying property in the country.

The rules of employment in Lithuania are very clear. If you comply with them, you can easily find a decent job in Europe and discover new horizons.

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