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Work in the UAE

2019 | 05 | 27 1040

The United Arab Emirates in the minds of our fellow citizens are represented by a state in which, together with oil, wealth and grace are shed on all residents. It is not surprising that a lot of people want to go to the Emirates to earn money. Let's see what prospects are waiting for migrant workers in the UAE.

Arab Emirates waiting to work

Indeed, the rapidly developing Emirates economy requires a lot of labor. The local population, within the framework of the current social policy, occupies leadership positions in almost all areas of business. And for the rest of the staff is not enough.

And this is not only in the oil business. The policy of diversifying the economy increases the share of tourism and hotel business, construction and trade, and the restaurant sector in total GDP production. In each industry, many jobs are constantly open. Although it is worth noting, these vacancies are mainly for low-skilled jobs and junior specialists.

Of course, in the Emirates, you can find work and doctors, and qualified engineers. But for this, it is necessary to confirm his qualification with successful testing, to conduct apostilization of documents. And the language, Arabic or English, for professional activities you need to know at a high level.

Without knowledge of the language, at least at the level of everyday communication, it will be quite difficult to find a job. In this case, it is necessary to withstand great competition among immigrants from the former CIS in order to get a job in hotels that are focused on Russian-speaking clients.

Despite the fact that the Emirates is a Muslim state, women also should not give up the prospects of getting a job here after reading reviews or having heard about the attitude towards women in Muslim countries. The UAE in this regard is quite tolerant, and local women get even places in the government of the Emirates.

How to look for a job in the Emirates?

You can get a job in the UAE in three ways:

  • place your resume on specialized job sites
  • to come to the country and contact the employer directly, studying vacancies in local newspapers or on websites.
  • contact specialized agencies providing job search services.

The advantage of the first method will be only the absence of the need to leave home before receiving a promising offer. But the likelihood of employment will be low, as employers are accustomed to working with trusted agent firms that supply pre-tested personnel with suitable recommendations. And just incoming resumes are on the shortlist. And lucky-not lucky - the chances of a lottery.

In the second case, the chances will be much greater. But you need to take into account the cost of living and meals as long as you look for work. And this is quite a lot of money, even by local standards.

Turning to the employment agency, you can get expert advice, assess your chances and choose the option that will suit you most in all respects: finance, business, contract terms, social guarantees and insurance. Yes, you will need to pay a certain commission. But this amount is significantly lower than the cost of an independent job search.

Where to work Ukrainian in the Emirates?

According to data from various sources, between 50 and 80 thousand Russian-speaking employees work in the UAE.

For qualified specialists there is demand in such areas as aviation, real estate, medicine, information technology. But competitive selection for these jobs will be very serious.

The rest, depending on the available specialty and qualification level, is realistic to find work in such areas as logistics, tourism, construction, hotel and restaurant business, telecommunications, pharmacology.

But you can only claim to ordinary positions: guard, builder, driver, cook, engineering specialties. If you have proven experience, you can go to work as a cook or fitness instructor, taxi driver or lifeguard on the beaches. Bartenders and barista are in steady demand.

For girls there is an opportunity to try themselves as waiters, to work in a hostess. With an excellent knowledge of languages, it is worth considering the vacancy of the assistant secretary or customer service manager.

It is worth paying attention to the age limit. Usually, employers consider candidates at the age of 20-30, for qualified specialists - up to 35 years.

If, unfortunately, there are no abilities to languages, then you can only claim the profession of cleaners or maids. But this is also work.

How much do they pay in the UAE?

In the Emirates, there is no set minimum wage. Everything is given at the mercy of the employer. The size of income is influenced by the scope of business, and the skill level of the employee, and work experience.

The highest salaries are still in the oil and gas area - about $ 8,000. Medicine in second place - $ 7,000. In the field of IT - up to $ 4,500. But this is the level of highly qualified specialists, without division into women and men.

For workers in specialties, depending on the industry, wages are in the range of 600 to 2500 in US dollars, and the most unskilled jobs are paid no more than 400 to 450 dollars.

Usually, the salary structure in the Emirates consists of a permanent salary part and various additional payments. For example, for knowledge of the language, for service, tips and bonuses. The size of the base salary may increase depending on the performance and productivity of the employee, increasing the complexity of the work performed.

It is easy to see that professions that are paid in Ukraine at the level of the minimum wage - just over 4000 UAH, in the Emirates will earn at least two and a half times more.

Employment in the Emirates

Immediately it is worth noting that it is better not to try to find a job on a tourist visa or without registration in the UAE. Firstly, not a single employer will do this, since no one wants to risk perfect conditions for a business for the sake of an illegal. Secondly, justice in the Emirates is very harsh on violators of the law.

Independently obtain a work visa and work is also impossible. This is the employer's responsibility. After you have previously agreed on the conditions in the negotiation process, the company draws up a work visa to the employee. Usually, besides the visa, the employer pays for the flight, medical insurance, provides housing and meals. All this should be reflected in the contract. At the end of the term of work, the company finances the purchase of return tickets to the employee.

It is easy to conclude that in the Emirates it will not be possible to switch to another employer before the expiration of the contract. If somehow you manage to agree on this issue between the current and prospective employer, then you will have to renew your work visa. As well as all related documents.

After obtaining permission to enter and arrive in the Emirates, the employer initiates the procedure for obtaining a residence permit for you for a long stay and opening an electronic labor card. The term for obtaining a labor card is 60 days for a work visa. The presence of an electronic card allows you to live and work in the emirate for 3 years. All employment cards are registered with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the Emirates, protecting the interests of foreign workers.

What else to pay attention to?

It will not work to get a job in the Emirates, to be interrupted by a couple of months. Labor contracts in the UAE are for a period of 1 year or more.

Working week is the period from Sunday to Thursday. The working day is usual, eight-hour. In part of the companies, it is divided into two parts: from 8 to 14 and from 17 to 20 hours. Overtime is paid extra.

Since the Emirates is a Muslim country, compliance with the dress code and rules of conduct in public places should be rigorous. Women are concerned in the first place.

An electronic labor card cannot be issued by foreigners suffering from dangerous diseases: HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, and others.

What to expect from work?

Since mainly young people can get a job in the Emirates, this can be a good springboard for career growth in the branches of international companies in Europe and the USA. Well-known companies in the world, such as Ericsson, Mariott, DHL, FedEx, have their branches and representative offices in the Emirates.

It is usually practiced in the UAE to give letters of recommendation to employees at the end of their term. The presence of recommendations always goes to the job seeker when looking for work, especially in Western companies.

If the company conducted employee training, then international certificates are issued that are listed worldwide. It also allows you to find a job quickly and with the best conditions.

The Ukrainian will easily find former fellow citizens, so you will not have to suffer from loneliness or nostalgia.


As you can see, there is nothing terrible or supernatural in finding employment in the Emirates. The main thing is to want and be able to work and not be afraid to take the plunge. The world erases borders, seeks to unite countries and continents. So, we learn languages ​​and we are not afraid of difficulties.

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