Requirements for drivers for work in Europe

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The sphere of road transport is a popular area of ​​activity not only in Ukraine and the CIS countries, but also in Europe. In foreign companies, there is an active demand for drivers flying long distances, transporting various categories of goods, including oversized ones. The main requirements for drivers wishing to find a job in Europe are as follows:

  • international driver's license;
  • thorough knowledge of traffic rules in the countries of Europe where transportation is supposed;
  • work experience in the logistics field;
  • ability to repair minor malfunctions in the operation of cars.

Selection criteria in different European countries

For drivers who are looking for a job in the field of long-distance transportation, labor market experts recommend paying attention to the proposals of German companies. German carrier companies put forward high demands on job seekers. In addition to a thorough knowledge of traffic rules, a specialist should:

  • be able to handle bulky goods;
  • speak German or English;
  • to understand the technical equipment of a car, to be able to repair minor problems;
  • use navigation devices while driving a car in Europe.

            In Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, there is a demand for tram drivers, buses, minibuses, and other public vehicles. The demand for the profession is due to the fact that drivers from the local population do not have a strong desire to drive public transport, citing low wages. In the cities of Italy and France, there are vacancies for taxi drivers. Naturally, in addition to the rights, sufficient driving experience and other documents of drivers, the applicant for the position of a taxi driver requires sociability and excellent knowledge of a foreign language.

Ukrainian drivers are in demand in Poland as forwarders of international affairs. To work in this profession, a specialist needs to undergo additional medical examination and training courses for greater competence.

Requirements for truck drivers

It is noteworthy that each European country has its own rules for candidates for driver vacancies. But these rules fulfill the role of additional ones, and the main ones are reduced to the following list:

  • the applicant must be fluent in a foreign language and have a work visa;
  • the presence of a driver’s license E, C, D;
  • official employment permit issued by an employer from Europe;
  • sufficient experience in the management of large, heavy vehicles;
  • knowledge of the basics of medical care;
  • skill of vehicle maintenance.

Driving time when the driver is directly behind the wheel is monitored by an electronic device. According to the driving regulations in force in Europe, a person can drive a car no more than 9 hours a day. In addition, the mode of operation involves a break of 45 minutes for every 4.5 hours.

What is required of the forwarder?

           A driver engaged in international transport must have CE category rights. Among the additional requirements it is worth noting:

  • age restriction - up to 60 years;
  • more than 5 years of experience in the field of heavy transport management;
  • to work in large companies, the driver undergoes additional training courses.

            Since the work of the forwarding driver involves making trips to impressive distances, the specialist must have the skills to eliminate possible failures in the operation of the transport.

Passenger transport driver selection rules
            It is useful for drivers planning to work on international bus flights in Europe to familiarize themselves with the selection criteria for this vacancy:

  • age restrictions - from 21 years;
  • the presence of rights of an international format, medical certificate;
  • availability of access to passenger transportation;
  • certificate that the vehicle is registered.

            In Schengen countries, the driver can carry passengers on a regular and irregular basis. However, regardless of their type, the driver is allowed to drive vehicles for a maximum of 9 hours per day. In addition, after 4.5 hours, a rest of 45 minutes is provided for the driver.

            Working as a driver in Europe requires a thorough approach to the selection of candidates for this vacancy. A foreign applicant must not only provide the employer with an appropriate list of documents, but also have sufficient experience, be able to cope with minor technical failures, and know a foreign language. Decent salary, interesting work, comfortable working conditions stimulate Ukrainian specialists to seek professional vocation in Europe.

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