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A photograph of a certain format, which is further attached to other official documents, can be obtained in the photobox. It is a special camera that works on the principle of self-service.

In all the photoboxes of the capital of Estonia - Tallinn (the only exceptions are two districts: Kolde and Keila) you can easily and quickly take pictures in the photobox. This is allowed even if you are not going to file a petition by contacting a service bureau. The self-service point also has the opportunity to leave a sample of its painting and fingerprints.

Photo taken in photoboxing has a digital format. This format is allowed to be submitted on documents by regular mail and e-mail for 60 days from the moment the picture was taken. The only exception is the execution of a permit for weapons.

When you send documents for application by regular mail or e-mail, attaching photos from the photo box to the documents, be sure to mention the fact that the picture was taken at a self-service point. If you wear optical glasses, you must take them off before photographing to avoid light flare and shadowing of your face.

What are the requirements for a photo for a document for a child?

When you are planning paperwork for a child, it is recommended that you contact a professional photographer to get a high-quality digital picture. Naturally, in the photo box, the photo of the baby in most cases will be blurry, unsuccessful, fuzzy, because the child is a fidget, and he will not look clearly at the camera for a long time.

If you still decide to photograph the child in photoboxing, ask the service staff to help you. If you decide to take a picture of the child at home, make sure that the result meets the requirements for pictures on documents.

What are the requirements for people with disabilities traveling in a wheelchair?

People with disabilities can also use the services of a photo box to take a picture. The staff serving the photoboxes assists in the installation of a disabled vehicle and adjusts its height to get what is needed in the format and quality of the photo.

Basic requirements for photographs for paperwork:

  • When applying, only digital photographs taken in photoboxing or professionally are accepted.
  • Images must be color, have a resolution of 1300 × 1600 pixels.
  • The allowed size is up to 5 MB, and the format is JPEG.
  • The picture must be taken in photoboxing or by a professional photographer no later than six months before its submission.

Additional requirements:

  • In the pictures, a person is photographed in front.
  • The background of the photo box should be light with a light gray tint.
  • The photo should be of optimal clarity and sharpness.
  • Facial expression - calm, without strong emotions, smiles.
  • Face volume should not exceed 80% of the total area of ​​the image.

If you wear optical glasses and hats based on religious principles:

  • lenses of glasses should not form light flares;
  • photos in hats according to religious beliefs - allowed;
  • if you wear a hijab or other headpiece for religious reasons, you must additionally
  • provide a certificate by contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • the hat in photographs should not set off the face.

What are the requirements for a photo of a child?

  • the baby should be photographed in front;
  • it is preferable that the expression of the face of the child be calm, without grimaces;
  • it is necessary for the child to look directly into the lens without closing or squinting his eyes;
  • the background should have a light shade with a gray undertone;
  • the face of the baby should occupy no more than 80% of the entire area of ​​the picture.

Black-and-white, fuzzy images scanned or processed in photo editors are categorically not suitable for documents.

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