Myths about work

2018 | 06 | 12 2965

Around every profession there is an eagle of romanticism, mystery, uniqueness. Often, this raid has far more influence over the choice than accurate information on the nature of professional activity. We decided to dispel several myths about work related to the most popular specialties.


1) Doctors do not get sick.

Of course, they are not Superman, of course they are sick, but ... less than the rest, it's for sure. Doctors are well aware that infection is most often transmitted through the hands, nose, mouth. So, doctors honor Mydodir's covenants, like nobody else, and wash their hands at every convenient occasion, especially if someone kisses or sneezes next to them. In addition, they do not touch their faces with their hands, but use their napkins for this purpose; they eat at home the food they eat and try to lead a healthy lifestyle: they do sports, walk, live in a regime, eat well and try to look at everything with optimism. These simple rules allow them to become ill 39% less than everyone else. It is safe to assert that not all myths are myths, in this case it is true.

2) Teacher - female profession.

Another of the most popular myths about the work of the last decades in the post-Soviet space. Such a picture was more likely to be an exception to the rules. And, as analysts say, the reason for such gender changes was, alas, the material side. However, it is worth recalling the story, when up to the beginning of the XX-th century, mainly men were teaching. Yes, and in many higher educational institutions, teachers continue to include a significant percentage of men.

3) Programmer - knows how to make a computer.

The programmer's job involves writing a code, that is, programs for a PC, a tablet, a phone, and so on. But the computers to do is the work of the electronic engineer. Another very common myth: a programmer means a hacker. It's very offensive to true encoders. After all, hackers just break what programmers are building. So, in most programming circles, hackers are not very respected, since they relentlessly relate not only to the law, but also to the work of colleagues.

4) Cook - always feeds you.

According to the well-known chef's households, this is a great delusion. None of them cook at home. At best, they will run for semi-finished products, at worst, they are forced to cook their wives, while always criticizing. As a rule, objections are the same: "I am doing enough in the workplace. What will happen if everyone starts to do business both at work and at home? Opera singers do not sing in the kitchen after the concert, or drivers do not ride around the house after the flight. "

5) Lawyers are mentally balanced.

In the Great British Psychopath Survey, Kevin Dutton, a psychologist from Oxford, has identified 10 professions in which people with the tendency to psychopathy achieve the best results. One of them is jurisprudence. These people know very well the laws. And even better they know how to get around them. As the scientist says, psychopaths are fierce, selfish, prone to manipulation and are happy to go on their heads for the sake of achieving the result. The following professions also appear in the same list: civil servants, radio and television workers, police officers ...

Of course, in each myth of work there is a proportion of realism, the main thing - all the same choose a profession, based on reliable facts and conditions.

Good luck in your job search!

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