Top most sought-after professions in the world

2018 | 06 | 03 6555

According to experts, in the next 12 years, up to 136 new specialties may appear on the labor market.

Among the most sought-after professions are:

  • IT physician;
  • cosmogeologist;
  • digital linguist;
  • intellectual property appraiser.

Along with the development of the IT direction, considerable attention will be paid to alternative energy, energy saving, eco-design, services and robotics. By the way, according to the Nobel Prize in economics Christopher Pissarides, in the near future there will be only a few areas where robots cannot replace humans: healthcare, education, hospitality, real estate, household and personal services. Having correctly understood the vector of development of society, one can now choose a really promising profession.

The Promo-choice company studied the data of various studies and compiled the TOP-10 of the most sought-after professions:

IT specialists. Programmers, webmasters, information security specialists are in the lead among the most sought-after employees.
Engineers. Production needs new technologies, as well as optimization of existing ones, in order to reduce costs and increase savings. Among the sought-after specialties, Internet security engineers stand out in particular.
Chemists. Leading fuel sellers are looking for an alternative to energy sources, realizing that natural resources are limited and the solution of this issue will bring incommensurable profit in the near future.
Business Intelligence. The industrial revolution and the globalization of trade and economic relations do not pass without increasing risks. Therefore, their detailed analysis will be very expensive.

Ecologists. Urbanization, as one of the trends of the 21st century, brought new challenges - gas pollution, waste management, pollution ... In this regard, experts predict an increase in demand for environmentalists in the near future. Forbes journalists even came up with a new profession - urban urban ecologists.
Doctors. With the development of human society, human diseases inevitably develop. There is not only a mutation of viruses, but also new ones. Therefore, this profession has been and will always be on the list of the most sought-after ones.
Marketers. Market relations inevitably lead to search for new approaches in the sale of goods and services. And get along with beautiful packaging or a successful slogan, as a rule, is no longer possible. The era of marketers is coming.
Translators. International business communication is developing at an incredible pace, and this process will continue. Separately note the eastern direction, and experts on Eastern languages ​​will be of particular value.
Service professionals. The scope is unlimited. Already, with their help, we can not only choose our own clothes, develop a diet or plan a vacation, but also fly into space. “Any whim for your money,” accurately reflects the future development and relevance of this area.
Logists. Trade, migration, everything is somehow connected with the movement of people and goods, and therefore the representatives of this profession are still in value.
And as a bonus

Psychologists and personal counselors. Behind a bunch of new gurus of all kinds with their various trainings, the true healers of souls are no longer visible. Competent psychologists in our time have become a rarity. And in the next ten years, the demand for this profession is expected to increase in European and Middle Eastern countries.

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