Insurance for traveling abroad to Ukrainians

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Starting from June 11, 2017, Ukrainians have the long-awaited right to travel to the European Union without a visa. According to experts in the field of tourism and labor migration, few tourists are aware that special medical insurance is required to travel abroad.

            In accordance with the requirements of the visa code, which was in force earlier, for travel to the EU countries, medical insurance was mandatory. However, after the abolition of the visa regime, this restriction does not apply to citizens of Ukraine. Today, our compatriots at the legislative level have the right to cross the border with the European Union in accordance with the requirements of the Schengen border code.

            According to these rules, insurance is optional, but you need to bring along a biometric passport, a sufficient amount of money, an invitation from a foreign party (if any), hotel reservation, a return ticket.

Why is an insurance policy needed and how does it work?

            In accordance with the European legislative framework, medical insurance is necessary for Ukrainians who have not yet managed to get a biometric passport, as well as for tourists who apply for tickets through travel agencies. Ukrainian legislation, for its part, regulates the issue of insurance as follows:

  • Chapter 9 of the Law on the Procedure for Traveling Abroad says that a Ukrainian should be insured when traveling abroad;
  • the availability of insurance saves our compatriots traveling abroad to work or travel from the consequences of possible health troubles;
  • not every state can provide medical care for free, and insurance will be able to cover the financial costs incurred.

The insurance policy starts from the moment of crossing the state border, and ends when the tourist crosses the border in the opposite direction, returning to their homeland. Typically, an insurance policy covers the following categories of expenses (not just medical expenses):

  • medical assistance to a person during outpatient or inpatient treatment;
  • the cost of repatriation of the deceased to the country of residence;
  • payments for dental services provided;
  • expenses related to baggage loss;
  • payments for the urgent return of a tourist to his homeland due to the death of a close relative.

The insurance performs the function of protecting a tourist or migrant worker from possible health problems, accidents, force majeure that may happen while staying abroad.

How to choose insurance for traveling abroad?

            Saving on the cost of the insurance policy is not worth it. Which insurance format to choose: standard or extended - depends on the length of stay in a foreign country, the purpose of staying abroad and the presence of perceived risks and threats to health. Going on vacation or to work abroad, select the optimal insurance policy, which lists the necessary list of risks covered by insurance.

You can issue a policy for traveling abroad both at the insurance company and at banking institutions. The main thing is that they must be reliable, have experience in this direction, have a transparent reputation and positive customer reviews. Health insurance policies issued by well-known insurance companies and banks are valid all over the world; they are accepted without problems at foreign representations of embassies and consulates.

Where to apply for a policy?

            You can make and buy insurance both during a personal visit to an insurance company or a bank branch, or online - in a matter of minutes. To do this, you need to fill out a special application form on the website of the bank or insurance company. The original policy with a wet seal is delivered to customers at the specified address by courier mail or you can come to the office in person for the document.

            The following personal data of the applicant are indicated in the application for online insurance:

  • full name and date of birth;
  • prospective countries of visit;
  • estimated duration of the trip;
  • purpose of staying abroad.

            Please note that online insurance is valid only for Ukrainians under 70 years old. Persons whose age has crossed this mark must personally contact the office of the bank or insurance company. An insurance policy for people over 70 years of age is issued on the basis of an interview.

How much is insurance for traveling abroad?

            The cost of the document is determined by the policy with how much coverage of risks you want to purchase. On the websites of banks and companies working in the field of insurance, an extensive selection of offers is presented. The average cost of a policy for a trip to the countries of the European Union is 7 Euro for a period of 7 days; for 14 days - about 10 Euro; and for a month - about 20 Euro. If you are planning a longer stay abroad, the cost of insurance, respectively, increases.

But in any case, its price is justified and pays off by operational payments upon occurrence of insured events. Going to Europe with an insurance policy, you can be absolutely sure that you are under reliable protection from the consequences of possible unforeseen circumstances that may happen during your stay abroad.

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