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2019 | 07 | 16 1367

Any journey requires preparation. Especially if it is spontaneous, and you pack a suitcase a few hours before departure. We have collected tips and lifehacks that will make your trip comfortable.

Special attention to documents

If you can do without sunscreen or your favorite sneakers or even buy them a replacement on the spot, then without a document your journey is in jeopardy.

It is best to make a list of the necessary documents on the road and after a while run through it with a fresh look. Layfkhak: make copies of passports and tickets, you can even a few copies. They can also be photographed on the phone and saved to the cloud storage. So you even protect yourself a little bit from the problems associated with the loss of documents in a foreign country.

Tickets for the plane or bus are usually stored in the personal account of your account on the carrier's website, in the application or come to your mail after payment. But in advance they still need to print.

Money issue

Any experienced tourist will give you advice to stock up on cash. Of course, in any country you can withdraw money from an ATM, but keep in mind that it still needs to be found. It is still worth having a small reserve of funds in an emergency wallet. Naturally, you need to take the local currency with you, because in order to find the exchanger, and even with a favorable rate, you will also have to make an effort.

Another tip: do not keep money in your luggage. No one is insured against force majeure at the airport, so it’s not worth counting on your savings safely packed in your suitcase.

Going on a trip, be sure to replenish your mobile account. Who knows when you need to contact your family, and in roaming, the cost of communication increases significantly.

Travel First Aid Kit

Even if you are distinguished by excellent health, remember: every traveler should have a first-aid kit with them, especially if they are planning a long-distance trip.

What should be there?

  • remedies for motion sickness;
  • drugs for indigestion;
  • pain medication;
  • antipyretic;
  • all necessary for an emergency stop of bleeding - hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool, bandage;
  • You can also take lozenges from the throat and nasal drops.

And it is better to let all this not be useful to you, than to tell the pharmacist what you need to buy in an unfamiliar city in a foreign language.

Life hacking baggage

If your trip does not go light, then try to pack your baggage as compact and thoughtful as possible. Tips, how to fold t-shirts, socks or business suit, so that it is not denied in a suitcase, is full on YouTube. All kinds of travel organizers will allow you to pack your clothes as tightly as possible and save space, and possibly money for additional baggage costs. Another tip: pack all liquids tightly. Road containers for shampoo and shower gel are usually sold complete with a clear cosmetic bag. In extreme cases, wrap them with cling film. Some, by the way, wrap the whole luggage in it, but it is more convenient to use special reusable covers for this purpose. And the last tip: label your baggage as “fragile items” - then they will handle it more carefully. Most often, these bags are placed on top of the rest, therefore they are the first in line for issuance.

No trip is like another, which means that it’s impossible to foresee everything. But our advice is the most universal and will allow you to make tourism another favorite hobby.

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