How much money does it take to cross the Polish border?

2019 | 02 | 08 6556

For a smooth entry into Poland, it is not enough for Ukrainians to carry with them all the necessary documents; you also need money to cover the expenses during your stay there. And you have to prove your solvency not in words. How to confirm the financial support documented, we will tell in the article.

Purpose of the trip

It doesn’t matter if you go to Poland for 1 day or half a year, in any case you need to have money with you to stay in the country. The amount of financial security depends on the length of your trip. They do not always check solvency at the border, most often this rule is applied to those who cross the border by car. It is clear that no one will travel or work without taking money with them, but such checks are carried out in Poland to make sure that in case of unforeseen situations you can pay for medical or other services.

How much money should I have with me?

The legislation of Poland clearly spelled the amount required to enter the country. Conventionally, there are five main categories:

  1. Trip up to three days. At the border, have the right to demand confirmation that you can cover the main items of expenditure, such as food and accommodation. You can submit financial documents or cash, as well as in any way testify housing reservation. For such a short trip you need to have 300 zlotys ($ 80) in local or any other currency.
  2. Entry in Poland lasting from three days. By analogy with the previous paragraph, you will need at least 100 zł (about $ 27) per day.
  3. Border crossing on a work visa. To get to Poland for employment, you must provide proof that you have enough money for a month in advance. Nobody knows how things will turn out, so a financial pillow of at least 800 zlotys (about $ 214) is your guarantee of security abroad.
  4. Treatment. If you are going to Poland to receive medical services, then you should have at least 300 zlotys per day, multiplied by the number of days for the entire period of your stay abroad. The same amount per day you need to stock up on those who travel without health insurance.
  5. Training in Poland. Education in the neighboring country for Ukraine every year is gaining increasing popularity among our compatriots. To send a child to study abroad is prestigious and fairly affordable. You should have at least 1600 PLN (almost $ 428) with you - this money is calculated for two months of meeting the basic needs of a student in Poland.

Documentary confirmation

How to prove the financial viability of the border guards at the entrance to Poland? To do this, you can use:

  • credit cards and limit statements;
  • payment cards with documentary evidence of the current status of the account;
  • traveler's checks;
  • a document confirming the existence of the required amount of money in a bank
  • account, if this bank has a representative office in Poland;
  • an invitation, which will indicate that your expenses are paid by the host Polish party.

In addition, you may find it useful: a return ticket to Ukraine or tickets to other countries, if Poland is only a transit point on your trip, confirmation of your accommodation for the period of your stay in the country. In the case of a working trip - documents on employment. Therefore, it is better to take care of this in advance and find a suitable vacancy on a specialized website: LINK, where offers from Polish employers are posted. So you protect yourself from fraudsters and you will not spend money on the likely futile quest for good work in the field.

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