How much money can you earn in Poland in six months, and would you like to return there?

2019 | 01 | 23 1037

Everyone who tried to make money abroad has a story. Someone succeeds in getting settled right the first time, while for someone this process stretches for long months. Someone returns to Ukraine secured, and someone in debt.
Despite the fact that Poland is particularly popular with our compatriots in terms of employment, even there it is not so easy to earn good money. And if you have no one to ask about the real risks and costs, then this article will help you.

Calculation of net profit

How much you are lucky enough to return home depends on several factors. If you already know the approximate prices, open the calculator and read:

  1. Usually they pay PLN per hour for work in Poland. Calculate the daily profit, and then multiply by the number of working days in six months. From this amount will continue to take away to find out how much money you bring home.
  2. Housing. If the employer does not provide it for you free of charge, deduct the cost of a 6-month stay.
  3. Power. Usually, workers are fed at least lunch, but dinner and breakfast are likely to fall on your shoulders. It is difficult to predict how much money will be spent on food, but for now, be guided by Ukrainian prices. Or find information on major products to understand how much they will cost in Poland.
  4. Additional costs. This may include transport costs, if you will not carry to the place of work at the expense of the employer. Overalls are usually provided on site. Leave a small amount of money for pocket expenses.

On average, for half a year of work in Poland, Ukrainians without qualifications manage to bring home about 3,000 euros. Subject to legal employment, the employer provides food, housing, work clothes, transport, if necessary.

Working conditions

Not only money is the decisive factor for working in Europe. Returning from there, Ukrainians share their impressions of work and note that, despite the difficulties, working conditions there are an order of magnitude better than in Ukraine at similar vacancies. First, field equipment is much more modern. Secondly, strict discipline motivates to treat work more responsibly, teaches us to value the money earned by our work. Thirdly, legal employment enables Ukrainians to be socially protected and free to use medical services. If there is a real need for treatment to doctors, then you will save a lot of money on this. In addition, the official work in Poland is counted in the length of service, and therefore affects the level of your pension in the future. This is especially true for those over 50. Even at that age, it’s quite realistic to find a good job abroad and earn money by ensuring a comfortable old age for yourself. A work visa opens up excellent prospects for our compatriots. And its cost pays off in the first month of work.

Why do Ukrainians return to work in Poland?

Usually no one is limited to one semester. Regular trips on a work visa not only bring good money, but also make it possible to earn more and more every time. You can study, improve the qualification and knowledge of the language, and rely on higher paid jobs. All the calculations presented above relate to the most popular options for earning at the initial stage. But if you are a specialist in a particular area, speak a language and have extensive experience in your niche, then you can safely expect that you will bring more money to your homeland. Find a suitable job for your requests online. Employment exchange in Europe (link) provides the opportunity to legally find a good position and earn money that will allow you to support yourself and your family.

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