How to find out the fraudster of the employer

2018 | 07 | 12 2547

You are vulnerable and motivated. "Bun with honey" for scammers. Anxieties and fears are so occupied by the brain that you are looking for support and support everywhere and absolutely do not recognize the obvious signs of fraud on the part of the “employer”.

   “You are very suitable for us, but YOU MUST ...” You are not working yet, but you should already! Fraudsters are asked to pay: application form, training, registration of a bank card, pass, work form, ficus at the checkpoint ...

   Try, with a smile, to offer the “employer” to pay all this from the first paycheck and enjoy the awkward excuses of the scammers why this is impossible.

 "Specialist for an hour"
   "Let's check you in the case." Favorite scheme for cheating freelancers. Fraudsters take a big order to break it into pieces and look for free performers.

Feel free to send "employer" ... links to previous work and do not waste time.

   Although not so long ago, a large and fairly well-known global company suggested that candidates for the top manager position draw up a plan for resolving the crisis. Conditions and wages promised much better market. As a result, an unscrupulous employer acquired a large number of different schemes from far from recent managers in this field absolutely free. The fraudsters came out of the crisis successfully.

"Dead Souls"
   “Enjoy! You are being studied! ” It is a sin not to use vacancy announcements to find out how things are going with salaries, personnel, projects from competitors. At the interview scammers, by chance, ask questions about the current employer, projects, colleagues, the structure of the organization ...

   Another use of “dead vacancies” is advertising. “The mosquito kisser is urgently needed,” with experience and letters of recommendation, and, voila, an advertising / recruitment / production agency is being discussed at every corner.

   Were tired of finding a decent employer on our own and decided to turn to specialists. Services professionals, of course, must be paid. You find a job, but the conditions are completely unacceptable. You go back to the agency and it turns out you need to pay extra. For the extension of services or for the VIP-employer.

The second option, fraudsters do not offer anything at all. The questionnaire was simply entered into the database, in case the employer suddenly turns to them with precisely such requirements. Feel the difference between the recruitment agency and the employment agency. The first works with employers and receives money for their services from them, the second works with applicants.

If you resort to the services of an intermediary, be sure to carefully read in the contract about his obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes to understand that fraudsters bred you is unreal.

 "Family man"
   “An assistant manager / regional representative / branch director / marketing manager is required with a salary from“ wow ”to“ wow. ”” You call and a potential employer asks you, your children, your favorite fish and all insects for a long time and with passion. living next door. When asked about the essence of the work, they will offer to appear at the meeting and “you will find out everything there”, or they will begin to talk long and tediously about it, so that later, as if by the way, they will smell the next Herbalife or Oriflame. "Network sectarians" have become very sophisticated and advanced. And everywhere - a huge salary, no requirements and no specifics about the work.

If within five minutes it does not become clear what job offers, feel free to hang up, provided, of course, that you are not looking for a new “family”.

To be continued.

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