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Learning Polish is easy enough for us Slavs: you will find a lot in common with Russian and, especially, Ukrainian. On average, a Russian-speaking / Ukrainian-speaking person needs 3-6 months to learn how to read, ask questions, answer with simple phrases, and even keep the conversation in Polish.

The speed of development depends on how much time you spend daily on training. What techniques and sources are used.

We have selected for you a number of services, applications and educational literature that will help you to effectively spend time on improving language skills. At the same time sites, applications will be available to you anywhere and any time, if you have a smartphone.

Sites for learning Polish - free study

The only negative - only the English-Polish content. Without knowledge of English feel free to skip the resource. Those who speak English at a level not lower than upper-Intermediate were lucky, on this site basic and in-depth information has been compiled, structured and conveniently laid out for learning Polish. - free study

The resource has a clear and convenient structure that allows you to start mastering Polish from scratch, or continue its cognition by choosing the appropriate level.

On the site you will find everything:

grammar lessons;
course prepared for study;
vocabulary exercises;
video and audio materials;
And much more. - conditionally free

To gain access to useful content, you must register on the site. Then you get access to educational materials and useful literature. The site is convenient for learning the language at any level: you can start from scratch or continue with more complex sections, build vocabulary.

Online courses and webinars periodically appear on the site to effectively study individual topics or the language in general. There are free and paid access. - free study

Immediately negative content in English, German. If you have in-depth knowledge of any of the languages, learning Polish will not be difficult.

The site has information structured, there are several levels of in-depth study, each of which has 9 lessons, with rules and exercises.

Convenient, advanced and free course. - free study

Despite the fact that the site retrained more to learn German, there was still access to Polish content. The lessons here are conveniently divided into paragraphs. It is recommended to take lessons on this resource if your level of language proficiency is zero. - free study

The main focus of the site is vocabulary expansion. Here are available dictionaries, translators, lessons on youtube and other support tools for expanding your vocabulary. In general, this site should not be used for independent study of the language, since it does not contain useful, in terms of grammar, information. But as an auxiliary tool for learning new words, writing texts, etc. recommend.

And many more sites offer services for learning the language for a fee, free of charge, with minimal payment. There are all new resources that generate useful content. We have selected time-tested, recommended by hundreds of people on the Internet options for you. However, you can try and find the ones that will meet your requirements in the study.

Applications for learning Polish
All the options provided below can be downloaded from the Play Store. They are free and available for android devices.

Polish for 7 lessons

Express course from zero to basic level. Using the app, you can learn the alphabet, grammar and vocabulary. However, keep in mind that the course is designed for learning from scratch and advanced students will no longer be useful.

Fun Easy Learn

Another free application that should be installed on the phone if you are planning a trip to Poland. Its main advantage - works without an Internet connection.

You are always available a wide base of words, phrases, their pronunciation, spelling. The app will be useful in a cafe, shop or just when communicating with the locals.

Fun Easy Learn contains both lessons for learning a language and a base of words, phrases for memorizing and using in field conditions directly abroad.

Learn and play. Polish language

One of the most practical applications for learning Polish. There are free and paid versions. The latter provides access to the extended content, but the basic version will be enough to learn a language from scratch or use it as an additional refinement of the material covered.

Rules are available for you, grammar. Exercises to consolidate the topics covered.

The application contains a broad base of grammar, rules, as well as exercises to consolidate them. With it, you can get new knowledge, p

expand vocabulary, develop written and spoken Polish.


Application with advanced personalized features. In addition to grammatical lessons, you will also have access to a dictionary and the ability to form your own list of words to learn, to make tasks with them.

A useful application for those who want to expand their vocabulary, create their own list of words to learn, and also pay attention to the rules.

Textbooks and tutorials for self-study of Polish
Textbooks can be found in both printed and electronic versions. Choose an option that more stimulates you to improve language skills, to learn and progress.

Polski krok po kroku - author I. Steppek

Modern benefits. Notebook with grammar, practical tasks, audio recordings. Designed for users with zero and basic level of ownership.

The main advantage - contains modern spoken Polish. Saturated with dialogues, exercises on “listen - repeat”. With it, you will quickly learn the basic dialogues, you can work on improving conversational skills.

“Practical grammar of the Polish language” - author L.Madelska

Handbook of Polish grammar. Contains all the terms and conditions of use of the language. The information is laid out in an accessible for understanding and use format.

"Polish Tales" by M. Dzevenis

Read and learn is the textbook slogan. The study is based on the text processing system. The textbook provides a wide content with a variety of life situations. On one page is the Polish text, while the neighboring contains translation and explanation of particularly complex language constructs.

Not suitable for users with a basic knowledge of Polish.

Z polskim na ty - author E. Lipinskaya

Theory + practice. After each rule, clearly and clearly described in one or two paragraphs, you are provided with practical exercises to consolidate the material covered. The ratio of grammar and practice with a margin in favor of the latter.

In addition to these standard sources of information, we recommend you to use a few more modern ways to plunge into Polish:

change the interface in the devices (computer, browsers, mobile phone) to Polish;
Watch for telegram channels, for example:
Follow youtube channels:
o PolskieCentrumKLD -

o Slavcenter: online school of Polish -

And in general, “Youtube” contains a lot of lessons on the study of specific topics of grammar / pronunciation.

Watch movies in Polish.
Correspondence with Polish citizens. Quite a few sites offer mutual language training. For example, PenPal. Find interlocutors and develop written language with native speakers!
The more you embed Polish in all areas of your life, the sooner you can learn a new language.

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Good luck!

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