How salaries are growing in Poland

2019 | 12 | 03 915

Salary growth trend continues in Poland: the Government of the Republic of Poland plans to increase the minimum wage

Quite recently, data from a sociological study appeared on the Internet on the subject of what should be the salaries of Ukrainians so that they do not look for better earnings, leaving for work in Poland and other European countries. In order to further motivate Ukrainian citizens to go to work in Poland, the Polish authorities launched a new positive initiative.

Recently, the head of the Ministry of Labor of the Polish Republic, Mrs. Rafalska, released information on planning to increase the minimum wage. The innovation will come into force in January 2020. The minimum wage will amount to almost 2,500 zlotys - this is 200 zlotys more than the current figure.

If we are talking about hourly wages, in this case the minimum figure will be at least 16 zlotys. It is important to note that raising the minimum wage is not the first innovation in recent times. In the social policy of Poland, there is a clear tendency to increase the minimum wage at the beginning of each year in recent years.

For example, from January 1 of the current year, the wage level has increased by 150 zlotys. But, in fairness, it should be noted that the amount of the minimum wage is indicated before deduction of existing taxes. Employees receive a net almost 30% less than the indicated gross amount. Tax deductions are presented by the following indicators;

  • pension fund - about 10%;
  • accident insurance - almost 2%;
  • disability insurance - more than 6%;
  • deductions to the Employment Fund - more than 2%;
  • tax to the Employee Benefit Fund - 0.1%.

Based on the foregoing, if an employee works officially, on the basis of a labor agreement, he is guaranteed to receive protection from force majeure situations with the above-mentioned insurance. Also, having the necessary work experience, an employee can apply for registration and receiving a Polish pension. Illegally registered workers, of course, do not have such privileges. The level of their remuneration depends on the generosity, adequacy and common sense of employers.

A regular increase in the minimum wage in Poland completely dispels the mythical notion that Ukrainian citizens working in the Polish Republic act as a deterrent to wage growth in the Polish state. In fact, the situation is different - exactly the opposite.

This trend applies not only to the minimum indicator, but also to the average wage. Over the past 2018, there has been a clear increase in the average wage from 1,092 Euros to 1,147 Euros. The increase in wages reflects the clear progress in the GDP of the Republic of Poland last year.

The Polish authorities have repeatedly noted and continue to note that such an increase in the gross domestic product could hardly have been achieved without the help of the wage earners from Ukraine. That is why Polish employers are always glad to Ukrainian workers, offering them an extensive selection of demanded vacancies of various profiles. The only thing that needs to be emphasized when choosing a job in Poland is the reliability, integrity and responsibility of an intermediary company in Ukraine. For official employment in Poland and other European countries, contact the licensed Promo Choice agency.

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