Rating megacities: where is the most expensive of them to live?

2019 | 03 | 30 1795

When creating the top list of cities in the world in which life costs "a lot of money", the basic criteria for standard services were taken into account: for example, the price of bread, the cost of utilities, hairstyling tariffs and others. In compiling the rating, 133 settlements were assessed.

            It is interesting that this year, for the first time in the 30-year history of the authoritative world publication The Economist, three megacities took the first place at the same time. The ranking leads the capital of France, as well as Hong Kong and the capital of Singapore. In order to make a visual list, the experts took into account the prices for basic services and goods. The results were compared with a single indicator - the cost of living in New York. It serves as a visual guide in determining the most expensive cities.

            The top ten with the highest cost of living includes megacities of Europe, Asia, America. Among them, besides the three leaders mentioned above, one can mention Seoul, Tel Aviv, Geneva, Zurich.

            One of the rating experts noted that for several years in a row Paris has been part of the prize trio. He has been holding the palm for 16 years in a row - since 2003. Prices for transport services, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in Paris are on a par with other European cities. The rest - the difference is palpable. In accordance with the results of the ranking of the most expensive cities, the cost of a female haircut in a Parisian hairdressing salon costs about $ 120, in Osaka - a little more than $ 50, and in Zurich - $ 20 higher.

            The cheapest metropolis is the capital of Venezuela. Here a cup of coffee will cost you a little over 50 cents. In addition, Delhi and Bangalore (India), Syrian Damascus, Buenos Aires, the capital of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, are now among the top ten cheap cities in the world. The rating of the cheapest cities looks almost invariably for several years in a row.

            Interestingly, the most unattractive place to live was an outsider - Baghdad, and the best place to live - Vienna. She manages to be the undisputed leader for 10 years in a row.

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