What work is more useful: standing or sitting?

2019 | 05 | 29 2133

To sit at the computer all day long, not rising from the table, or to hold him on his feet - today, even for office workers, an alternative has appeared. The so-called standing desk or tables at which you can work standing, are becoming increasingly popular in large campaigns of the scale of Google and Facebook and in small modern offices.

So what activity - standing or sitting - does more harm to our health? Let's figure it out!

The effects of sedentary work

Remote working conditions and food delivery reduce the need to make extra gestures during the day, even at home. The same applies to the office, where you can get a taxi or car, and then sit in your favorite ergonomic (at best) chair until the evening. How does this affect our health?

Sitting work is not immediately apparent, but over the years certain problems arise:

  • overweight;
  • risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • likelihood of developing diabetes.

A sedentary lifestyle is as harmful in the modern world as smoking. But is standing work more useful?

Risks of standing professions

The use of standing desk is not as obvious as it seems at first glance. The likelihood of heart disease in standing work is higher than in sedentary! Add back problems, accumulated muscular fatigue, the risk of blood clots - and the work of bartenders, lecturers and other people whose activities require prolonged standing or walking without being able to sit down no longer seems so healthy.

Scientific background
In order not to operate with bare facts, let us turn to the results of numerous studies on this topic.

For example, British scientists found that bus drivers are more likely to earn coronary insufficiency and problems with the cardiovascular system than conductors of the same type of transport.

Latvia compared the performance of employees in a sitting and standing position. As a result, it turned out that productivity in simple tasks increases if you perform them standing, and creative decisions are made easier to sit.

As a result of a large-scale 12-year study, Canadian experts identified the dependence of the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases on a sedentary or standing type of activity. The risk of their development is twice that of the representatives of the standing professions. The Swiss scientists arrived at the same disappointing conclusions. They conducted an experiment that proved the occurrence of muscle fatigue after standing.

Another experiment conducted with the participation of Scottish postal workers demonstrated this pattern: sedentary work contributes to weight gain, the development of atherosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. But for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that standing work and work in motion are slightly different things.

How to find a balance?

The tendency of the standing desk in the West continues to grow into a whole movement. Some sportsmen-businessmen acquire the desktops, combined with treadmills! And the development of furniture for stand-up work is only gaining momentum.

It seems to us something unreal, since the units of employers are ready to invest in the health of their employees. But there is a solution! Even a tight schedule and the most usual office work conditions allow you to get out of the situation with the benefit for yourself:

  1. If you are an employer, the smallest thing you can do for your subordinates is to install the cooler away from workplaces, and replace the individual waste baskets with one centralized one. With these innovations, even sedentary work will require constant change of activity from employees.
  2. It is worth taking breaks for movement every 30 minutes. Go out for a breath of fresh air, drink coffee, do light gymnastics - let it all become a habit.
  3. Standing work requires the ability to pause to sit down and rest. If your boss did not take care of this, arrange breaks on your own. Or find another job to avoid the health consequences.

Unfortunately, working conditions often adversely affect our well-being. But think for yourself: is a highly paid position worth sitting or standing to invest the money you earned in your treatment? Do not go to extremes and look for any opportunity to organize your day in such a way as not to harm your health in the long term. Do not be afraid to stand out and set the trend in the team, if you are interested in the standing desk. Promote good habits - and you will definitely find like-minded people among your colleagues, and perhaps even support in the person of the leadership!


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