How to work abroad remotely

2019 | 04 | 12 1974

Monday morning comes, the alarm clock rings loudly, a swarm of thoughts about what comes on a new working week rushes in my head ... Such a bleak picture for many has become the starting point, a springboard to drastically change life, changing ordinary work for remote work or combining office work with online freelancers abroad.

The trend of popularity of online employment abroad began to grow in the early 2000s, and now more and more of our compatriots and employees from the CIS work on a remote basis with foreign companies. Free schedule, decent fees, the possibility of professional implementation are attractive for professionals who want to cooperate with foreign companies. In order to objectively evaluate the prospect of distant work for yourself, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a small overview covering this topic.

What professions are popular abroad?

Many regard the reality and the benefits of labor on a remote basis with distrust. This opinion is more characteristic of conservative people of the older and middle generation who do not represent work, except in the office or at the enterprise for 8 hours each day. However, the majority of young people, starting from the student's bench, successfully cooperate with companies and customers from abroad via the Internet within the framework of remote interaction.

What specialists are interested in foreign employers who offer to work remotely? The list of such professions is wide and covers various profiles of professional activity:

  • programming and web design;
  • copywriting and journalism;
  • photography, computer graphics, drawing.

To get a job on a remote basis, one may not have high competence in the chosen field. Many customers are interested in novice specialists, since their work does not require too high pay, and the list of duties does not require high qualifications. Therefore, freelancing jobs abroad are often chosen by students or specialists starting their career.

Where to look for online work abroad?

Finding a vacancy in a remote format abroad can be done via the Internet by visiting the freelancers' exchanges, placing your portfolio and regularly reviewing vacancies of a suitable profile. You can try to find a suitable option on popular foreign web resources:

  • is one of the earliest sites for searching distant work, where search for suitable vacancies from all over the world;
  • is a large-scale online platform for freelancers, where you can find a remote good job as a programmer, translator, designer, copywriter;
  • is another well-known resource where hundreds of freelancers announcements about remote jobs are published daily.

As practical experience shows, not only students, young mothers on maternity leave and housewives, but also highly qualified specialists are interested in work on a remote basis. A variety of offers from employers allows finding a suitable vacancy for applicants of different levels of competence, work experience and profile. The remote work format has stable prospects for the development and attraction of an increasing number of employees who want to work online.

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