Employment in the family: 4 most popular professions

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Working in a family abroad

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Many specialists leave to work abroad and find for themselves excellent opportunities with good wages. Among the professions demanded in European countries, the most common are the four categories - home staff, childcare, adults, and animals.

So what kind of qualifications do you need to have for applicants and what duties do they expect in each category?

Home staff

Home staff includes such professions as a housekeeper, a housekeeper (there are different options for employment - a housekeeper with accommodation or cooking), a housekeeper, a maid, a home cook, a gardener, a security guard and others.

If you are looking for a job as a house manager, then you need to have experience in the relevant position and knowledge of the language at an intermediate level. As for personal qualities, the employer, as a rule, wants to see a responsible and sociable person. The duties of the house manager include a set of issues related to the functioning of the residential building.

 It is important for a domestic servant to have work experience, as well as the ability to perform tasks promptly in multitasking mode. The range of its functions usually includes cleaning the house, manual and machine wash, ironing, as well as small errands. If this is a housekeeper with cooking duties, she will also need to be able to choose the products and skills of preparing various dishes.

 As for the position of the maid, the list of requirements for it is very similar to a housekeeper. She should have an employment experience in a similar position, and with personal qualities - efficiency, accuracy and the ability to get along with people. Among her duties are cleaning, washing and ironing.

 If this is the position of the gardener, then he needs special knowledge on plant care and appropriate experience. Its main function is caring for the garden, but there may be other instructions on the adjacent territory.

Care for children

Abroad, families are looking for helpers for both young children and school-age children. This work includes both simple supervision and care of the child, and its development. So, work with children can provide for such vacancies as a nanny, a governess, a tutor or a speech therapist.

To get a nanny to a baby, a candidate may be required to have a higher or a secondary special medical education. The list of responsibilities usually includes full care of the child, massage, as well as the recommendations of the pediatrician and the wishes of the parents.

From a nanny-educator, as well as from a governess, there is a need for a higher or a secondary special pedagogical education. Among the functions of nannies for preschool children is the care and application of various techniques for the development of the child. The governess (nurse) for work with children of younger preschool age should be engaged in development, training and preparation of children for school. If the child is a schoolboy, then among her functions will be: help with homework, escort to school and section, as well as organization of leisure and supervision.

Also, foreign families often look for a tutor for their child to teach him a foreign language, immersing in a conversational environment. Thus, for a tutor for a child with knowledge of a foreign language, it is necessary to have a higher pedagogical or linguistic education, as well as work experience. The functions of such a specialist will include targeted language training with living in a family house.

Care for adults

Specialists for adult care can be arranged as a full-time (nurse), and for several hours every day (masseuse). In addition, to help adults, especially people in old age, can look for a nurse or companion.

For a nurse seeking employment abroad, you must have a diploma of secondary medical education, experience in a similar position, as well as at least initial knowledge of the language. In addition, it is important to easily find a common language with people. Nurses usually include care and supervision of a person, treatment in case of illness, as well as a number of necessary medical manipulations.

A nurse for work abroad should have a secondary special education, experience and basic knowledge of the language. In addition, the nurse is advisable to have behavioral skills in special situations, as well as experience in planning and coordinating care activities. The duties of a nurse, as a rule, provide for the care of elderly people and help with daily housework.

The masseur usually requires working experience and special education, and in the range of his functions includes performing massages - both general and special, as well as performing special procedures.

Animal care

For employment abroad, staff for cleaning and cleaning animals are often required. These can be dogs, cats, rodents or any other animals. Obligations may include supervision, walking, feeding, nurturing, and cleaning.

For such work may require veterinary education and relevant experience, but at the same time can take a person and without special skills.

The requirements described will help you to better understand how you are ready to work in one or another position or to choose the most suitable employment option. But nevertheless it is necessary to understand that this information is conditional, since the requirements and responsibilities vary depending on your qualification and experience, as well as on the expectations and capabilities of the particular employer.

 Good luck to you!

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