Work in Poland: legally VS illegally

2019 | 12 | 24 993

Poland confidently leads among European countries, where Ukrainian citizens stably go to work: independently or through an agency. However, not all zarobitchites are legally employed in the Polish Republic. Of course, the basis of informal employment lies in deception, and not one, even the most significant reason, justifies it.

First we’ll look at how we can officially get a job with a Polish employer.

  1. A migrant can work on biopassport - this format involves applying for a job without a work visa. The method is suitable for seasonal workers and involves staying in Poland for no more than 90 days.
  2. Employment on a work visa - this method provides that the employer sends the migrant an invitation and an employment contract. Based on these documents, the employee receives the right to work in Poland for no more than 180 days.
  3. Visa from Voivode - this document gives the employee the right to stay and work in Poland for 1 year.

Why, in spite of the relatively simple schemes of legal employment, do workers prefer to work illegally?

  1. Paradoxically, Ukrainians themselves initiate work without registration. Especially those whose profession and work require hourly wages.
  2. According to statistics, unofficial labor relations are also initiated by the employers themselves, since if they hire employees officially, they have to deduct a total of 35% for each employee. Illegals do not bring such problems.

However, no matter how high the illegal income, it is not worth it to bear administrative responsibility for violation of labor laws and visa regulations, becoming a fraudster.

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